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  1. Exporting with sheet layers to dwg2008, no way to change the scale there (vw says "design layers will export at 1:1). I tried to scale the dashes from the viewport settings -> still only solid lines. When importing dwg, there's the option to scale dashes but no such with exporting. Something I'm missing now with the dwg export?
  2. I'm trying to export from VW2008 to dwg - but the dashed lines all export as solid lines 99% of time but NOT always!?! Both in design and sheet layers. Autocad using guy says that dashes in my file are scaled down to *very* small dashes. A bug - or is there something I can do to get dashes properly exported to dwg? Mika - vw2008 designer/mac
  3. 44. A VectorWorks that instead of having a zillion (useless us-centric) tools would have fewer tools that actually _work_ as supposed - instead of just doing nothing/doing something else than expected/crashing VW. I really thought that for SP3 Nemetschek would have concentrated on the numerous bugs that crash the program but... managed to crash SP3 in 2 min :-/ What good is having zillions of tools if they don't work??
  4. If a Mac Plus with 8Mhz & 9" b/w screen could do 3D-CAD in the 80's, why couldn't a much more powerful iPhone/iPod Touch manage a plain VW Viewer?
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