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  1. Is there any way to use the 'Export dwg/dxf' script so that the name of the file it creates is determined by an object named on the page? I need to batch export each sheet in a vectorworks document and the hangup is that the export script brings up a 'save' popup to name the file - which is a problem if you have 50 sheets in the one file that all need to be exported. Would be nice to have that Export Dwg/Dxf script unlocked too to predetermine the settings
  2. Vectorworks itself generally is stable, vectorscript on the other hand has bugs. We have had to go back to VW sp1 because sp3 was unable to call filled arrow heads using the marker() command. In sp1, the arrow heads were mixed around marker(1) became marker (9) from memory. Sp3, no filled arrowhead at all. Made one of our main tools completely useless. This current problem is with a script which creates a print view so that multiple sheets can be printed at the same time or sent to a single pdf. Has worked fine since version 9, now in 2008 when there are associative dimensions within the original layers it will create the printing layers fine, but unless those highlevel objects are ungrouped prior to deleting the layers the application crashes when going back to the original sheet. (This happens in sp1 & sp3) And then minor issues I have with some high level objects when they are copied onto a printing layer using vectorscript look like their scales are incorrect (redraw and redrawall do nothing) unless they are placed on the front most print layer or moved manually. Moving to Vectorworks 2008 has been the most frustrating upgrade so far for us, and this office has been using it since Minicad 6. As a note, I have reported that arrow issue to both our supplier and on the bug report page on this website, no reply from either.
  3. Hi Pat, the reason I need to bypass a crash bug that I have in Vectorscript in Vectorworks 2008. Script crashes after deleting a high level object it doesn't like in this version before changing sheet, almost like a memory leak problem. But ungrouping the objects before deleting them seems to bypass it. Maybe using FInGroup and deleting the low level objects one at a time will bypass it. Way too many of my scripts no longer work because there are so many bugs. Thanks for your suggestion.
  4. Is there a way to ungroup to a low level using vectorscript without the dialog box warning coming up? I need the warning to stay in the preferences when manually ungrouping but to ignore it when a script does it.
  5. One of the issues found during pre-testing Vectorworks 2008 has been with bold text on laser printers. Happens on our HP Laserjets and our Xerox Large format printer. Text set to bold will print with small dots on the baseline where spaces are and at the top of letters such as capital U's and N's. The problem can be fixed by switching off quartz imaging but then our eps logo looks like its made from lego. This has been tested on iMacs and MacBooks running both OSX 10.4 and 10.5 and all behave the same. Has anyone else had this problem or knows of a workable solution?


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