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  1. Hoping someone can help me with this. Im having problems retaining the appropriate line widths set by consultants using acad. When importing dwg files v-works 8.5.2 recommends color changes to the color lines in the dwg file. Since acad drawing line widths are determined by color does this change affect the line widths? I have the intended line widths from the consultant to the thoundsanth decimal place(given in pen nib widths, .013,.009 etc.), but can only seem to adjust vworks lines to the hundredth decimal place. Is there a way to set the widths appropriately when importing? Any help is greatly appriciated!
  2. I'm using v. 8.5.2, on a G4 533 mac. When copying & pasting objects from one drawing to another the pasted info is not retaining the class attributes. Also, the classes from the original drawing are not being created in the new drawing even though they have unique names. An example is that line weights which are set by class in a detail drawing are not transferring when copying that detail into a detail sheet. Any help would be appreciated.
  3. Somehow I've changed the default from double clicking the screen to get you from a drawing command to the 2D selection tool to double clicking to the 3D selection tool. I have no idea how I may have changed this. Is there a setting somewhere to change it back so that I arrive at the 2D selection tool. Thanks in advance.
  4. Is there a way to globally change the size of the text within a dimension. It seems that the size of the text is a default somewhere, but I cant find it. I know that I can ungroup an individual dim. & use the text tool to change the size but that is awfully tedious to do for every dim. Is the text size based on the layer scale in which you are drawing? I'm drawing details & the text that is appearing in the dimensions is too big! Thanks in advance for any help.
  5. I am using VW 8.5.2. There is no scaling option in the dialog box. Any ideas? [This message has been edited by jgeorge (edited 04-04-2001).]
  6. How do you scale hatch patterns? The manual seems to imply that there is a 'scale' button in the hatch dialog box. However, when I open the hatch dialog box I do not see a button option for scaling. Am I looking in the wrong place? [This message has been edited by jgeorge (edited 04-04-2001).]
  7. What command is used to transfer data from one file to another? Is it simply copy & paste?
  8. I am a new V-works user & am having problems figuring out how to import a dwg. file ( topo map from surveyor, R14) into my title block drawing or vis-versa. When using the import command I always get the message that you can not import a new file into an existing file that already has something in it. There obviously is a way to do this but I can not find info in the manual on how to do it. I am using v-works 8.5.2 on a Mac G4, 9.1 os.
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