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  1. Mikael, would you mind sharing your large collection of hatches?
  2. Christiaan thank you! I did manage to get to similar stage. Then I had three main problems: 1. Why does the dash line seem to run at a slightly different angle even though it is set at the same angle as the original lines? It seems to do the same in your example 2. I need a dot in the dash line - I tried to make a very short line layered over the dashed line, but never managed to have them spaced uquelly the entire lenght. Somehow they start going different ways after a while. 3. I struggle with achieving the correct scale - is there any way how to create a hatch and then use it at different scales? Or do I have to make a different one each time? Here is the sad result of my effort:
  3. Sorry, I didn't realise there was such section. It doesn't seem to get many visits though... Christiaan it tells me it is an old file or the version is higher than mine - either way, I cannot open it.
  4. Oh, unfortunately, I have vw2008 and cannot open it.
  5. The ones I find most difficult to make are diagonal ones with one of the lines a dash line (including dots).
  6. Thank you, I didn't know about the depot. There still aren't the ones I need. Never realised I lived in such a hatch-specific country.
  7. I need different hatches than those provided. I know I can make them and I did try, but the results are not good enough and I finally lost patience with it. Especially hatches that include dots - these are not provided at all and I did not magane to make them. Please if there is anybody who has quite a wide range of hatches made and would be willing to share them, it would make me sooooo happpy!
  8. Hi Jonathan, I am not sure what you mean. I did manage to do what I wanted but in a rather labouries way - adding the trees as separate viewports to the same sheet layer where I had the isometric view of the buildings ...
  9. Hi Ozzie, no, I would like to use 2D trees in a picture showig an isomentric view of several buildings. I dont like the 3D trees provided and I will not need to rotate the view in any other way. So I extruded the buildings and in an isometric view added 2D trees, thinking that if I tick the "Project 2D Objects" option, it will show in the viewport the way it showed on the design layer. But instead of trees I only get flat rectangles. I wonder if there is a way around it for a simple drawing where I dont need all the properties of a proper 3D environment. Many thanks
  10. I made a simple 3D view of a few buildings and - in isometric view - added some 2D trees. When I make a viewport, the trees only appear as rectangles, even though I selected the Project 2D object option. What do I do wrong? Is it not possible to combine 3D and 2D in one view? Many thanks
  11. I did offset the line so that the text does not colide with the drawing line .... Apart of the non-flipped text in the viewport, I think I can do what I need now. The local standard is a combination of vertical and horizontal text, i.e. text aligned with the dimension line. I will try to stick to that and not flip the text ... Many thanks!!
  12. I don't know why but Adjust Flipped Text makes no difference to my viewport. I tried unchecking the Auto Position Text in the design layer and it sent the text to the top of the dimension line. BUT in the process I realized that there is the option to have the text horizontal, which answers the other question I had - what to do to have all the dimension text all the same orientation as Ray suggested. That makes the text to intersect the dimension line though ....
  13. Ray, unchecking Adjust Flipped Text made no difference If the dimension text should read all the same orientation - how do I do that? It is automatically positioned along the line .... how can I make it horizontal when the line is vertical? I only found the "flip" option ...
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