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  1. Are there any issues with running 11.5 on the new Mac computers with intel chips? We plan to get a new computer system, and are double checking. thanks, John
  2. Katie we are on Mac platform....will your ftp info work for us? I'd like to try and send it that way. If not, to what address should we mail the cd of the file? thanks John Bolt
  3. thanks Katie; we tried emailing but it gets bounced back because of the size. Can we burn a cd and mail it to you?
  4. Its 27.1 mb with bitmaps and layer links.
  5. We have lost a huge amount of work while making pdf's from our file; there is no data in the recovered file. Can we email the file to your tech department to see if there is any way to recover it? John
  6. Thanks Katie, It worked, but with a little problem with a door; it changed a 3'-6" wide door to an 8" wide door; any clues? best, johnarchitect
  7. When I convert an 8.5 file to 9.5 file, all my windows in walls are greyed and the info in the info box is frozen ie not changeable..... WHATS HAPPENING?
  8. I'm trying to print a 36"x24" sheet at 50% so that it fits on my 19"x13" HP sheets; I only get about 2/3 of the graphics to print on these sheets then the rest of the page is blank (but all text prints!) Any suggestions.... thanks
  9. What am I doing wrong? If I copy a detail and text from 9.5 to paste in 8.5, all the text is jumbled and rotated! If I convert an 8.5 wall with simple window or door to 9.5, the plug in dialog is not available to make changes. Mac 0S 9.2 on G4......
  10. how do you choose vw 8.5 as the default to open documents when you have both 8 & 9 installed on the HD? I'm on mac os 9.....
  11. When I import dwg all leader lines and hatches disappear. I use VW 8.5.2 on a G3, and import from files sent me by email....Tech support at Vectorworks won't return calls anymore!!!!!... Any suggestions? ------------------ johnarchitect
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