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  1. Can I open old MiniCAD 4-5 files with VW 2009, I have tried but am not able to. Is there another way which I can do it Thanks Simon
  2. Is it possible to convert Vectorworks files to Auto CAD. We work in VW but a client required all the files in Auto CAD. Is it just a case of converting the VW file to DWG or DXF or is there something more involved. Thanks for any advice Simon
  3. hey guys can anyone help me to create a strip light Thanks
  4. The there a way of linking 3D objects in space i.e. if i draw a mannequin how can i make sure the relationship between the lower leg and the upper leg is constant if i move the upper leg around. If anyone has ideas i would be very grateful thanks
  5. I have just updated my Vectorworks package to 12.5.3 i am now being asked for a dongle driver, where can i find the relevant one Thanks
  6. Hi Guys, Can someone please give me an example why i would use the scripts function. Thanks
  7. Yes i know this, but in the master layer i want one layer to apear to opaque and the other not to, if you change the the master layer to opaque both layers images from the two layers appear opaque
  8. I have a master layer where two other layers are linked to it (layer 1 and layer 2). I would like layer 1 to appear opaque in the master layer but not layer 2. can someone please tell me of this is possible. I am using Vectorworks Fundamentals version 12
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