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  1. I have just had exactly the same problem, only I've just lost my entire final year university project! Can anyone help recover a corrupt file, autosave was switched to work every 5 min, but I can't find any autosave files. The document is also reading as 0KB. Please please please help, if I can't get this work back, I'll have to resit 2 years!
  2. Thanks for your advice Pat, unfortunately emails to StudentServices@VectorWorks.net keep getting returned for some reason, but I'll keep trying to find a way to contact them. The programme has worked well until this week, despite Leopard being installed a few months ago, so it isn't clearly connected. Any one any further ideas?
  3. Dear All, I'd really appreciate some assistance, I'm having big difficulty with Vectorworks organization menu. Every time I try to edit, create new, or delete a class, the whole program shuts down. It also sometimes happens when editing layers. I'm using Vectorworks version 12.5, educational version on a Mac running Leopard. To try to resolve the problem, I downloaded the update to 12.5.3, but whilst installing, something went wrong and I received an error message saying (quite comically): Server Responded Huh? The installation then stopped but on launching Vectorworks again I was required to re-enter my serial number, and name and company info. My settings and workspace had also returned to default. The problem with the organization panel is still there, but now each time I relaunch, I have to enter the serial number again. The version now reads as 12.51(65397) I'm really desperate to find a solution! Please help if you can! Thanks, Sarah


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