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  1. Thanks for response. Also struck me as strange that it is not possible to specify the extrude path in advance of the command. But would be happy to live the UI if I could just get it to draw some solids in the right place. I have reported this to Vectorworks support. I haven't posted this kind of query/bug report with them before. How good at they at responding to this kind of thing? Sounds to me like it might need some real work still - which doesn't bode well. Dave
  2. I have just upgraded to Vextorworks 2011 and am trying to use the chain extrude command. I have got it to work well along a straight-sided polygon but now I want to extrude the same objects around a circular arc. The chain extrude options imply that you can use different sorts of curves to extrude along but when I choose the 'point on arc' mode it generates a rectilinear extrusion. Am I doing something wrong or have I misunderstood the tool's capabilities? Thanks David Wilson
  3. This sounds promising. I am about to upgrade my PC and I'm considering Windows7. It sounds like you managed to run VW 12.5.3 without having to revert to XP Mode. Were you running Windows 7 32-bit or 64-bit? I'm not even sure whether that is likely to make a difference. Thanks, Dave
  4. I have a licensed copy of Vectorworks 12.5.3 that I am very happy with and have been running under Windows XP professional. Now I need to upgrade my PC and I am considering 32-bit Windows 7 professional. Will my copy of 12.5.3 install? I appreciate it is unlikely to run faster but will it run slower? Thanks, David Wilson
  5. I can envisage a plugin for Vectorworks that I would find extremely useful. I would like to draw a freehand (or coarsely segmented) polyline or polygon and be able to 'crinkle' it to a controllable extent in a fractal-type manner. I would use this for creating simple representations of vegetation profiles in either plan or elevation. Does anyone know of such an add-on? The simpler the better, as far as I'm concerned. David Wilson


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