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  1. i have no problem splitting the cube after i have hollowed it out. and it renders properly. but man this program is a PITA!! is there a way to see what commands you have given in this program? all the other 3D software has it so you can go back to an individual command you made and change it.
  2. im a mechanical engineer just starting a new job and the software the company uses is vectorworks. i am personally use to using softwares such as ProEngineer and Solidworks. this new program seems to be very different from anything I have used and i feel like im lost. everything is very complicated and does not seem to be geared toward machine design whatsoever. is there just something that im missing here?
  3. yeah, you were right, thats exactly what i was doing. my new problem is that if i try scaling an asymmetric object that is an extrusion, it wont let me. i guessing because its an extrusion. so i try the modify>convert>generic solids function and it wont convert to a solid which i think would allow me to scale the object asymmetrically. thanks alot for the help.
  4. yes i need thickness to the walls. i get an error saying that i am trying to create an empty solid object when i try to subtract a scaled version of the same solid. this program seems to be very inconsistant also. at one point i had the option to set my x,y,and z scalars and now i dont??
  5. I am new to using vector works and am use to selecting all the surfaces of an object and shelling the entire object to hollow out the center. I do not want an open face, just the interior hollowed out. Is there something im missing? I believe I have tried everything. Thanks for the help.
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