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  1. I am trying to export a few drawing files and I keep getting an error message reading..'Open DWG Library Error 3...' and the export translation stops. The error message says its in use or not found. I have just reinstalled the VW 8.5.2 updater and my system software was recently updated and reinstalled. I have exported to .dxf prior and I have never run into this problem before.Does anyone have a clue as to what to do??Thanks for all the previous help, Regards, Tom Marino in PA ..running VW8.5.2 on G4
  2. Marc, Thanks for the comment! I know the way the trim command works as I have used MiniCad for the last 6 years. I have only started experiencing this problem after starting to use VW. I did not experience the problem with MC7.0 or 7.5. My initial question was to see if it's my system or just the program. I have just loaded the 8.5.1 update from CD and I still occasionally have the same problem. Thanks for the input, Tom M.
  3. Marc, Sorry for the additional posting. I just drew a line horizontal approx. 3" long. I clicked to center point and drew a perpendicular line. I used the trim command and split the horizontal line into two pieces. Try it! Tom
  4. Marc, I would have to disagree on your theory of only trimming with an intersecting line. I have always trimmed from just a line intersection where the two lines just meet and you want to trim at that point. The trimming line does not have to extend past the trim point.My problem is that it does not always do it.Sometimes it works and then doesn't on the same drawing. Tom
  5. I have this repeated problem in VW 8.0 and also in VW 8.5.1. I am having trouble trimmming intersecting lines at times.I know both lines connect at the time I draw them, but when I use the Command-T option to execute the trim, the lines do not trim. I have to go back, extend the intersecting lines and execute command again. Most times it will trim, sometime it still will not. Am I the only one experiencing this type of problem?? Any solutions??? Thanks in advance, Tom ------------------ Tom M. in PA
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