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  1. Ray, That did it! What does the GDI+imaging do?? What specific use?? Now I am back up and running, Thanks again,
  2. The font mentioed above is MARKER FINE POINT which is a good, commercial, current font.
  3. Document prefs are set exactly the same in both 12.5 and 2008. All other settings have been checked and are identical. It's not just me, is it?? Tom in PA
  4. Thanks Mike, As long as the issue is resolved I can continue with my future implementation of interiorcad. Is there a demo of VW2009 out there for use to see what new enhancements there are?? Tom
  5. Mike, I have attached the file in question showing what happens in VW2008. Clearly wrong...in my opinion. I have posted a query on this very subject a short while ago and the answer was that since VW2008 was using the parasolid engine that offset issues were no longer an issue. That being said, why can I duplicate the very problem that existed back in VW11 days?? Cleary a bug that has never been addressed or if it has NNA never told anyone, but that's another topic. Thanks, Tom
  6. Mike, I did the above example with the VW2008 demo. I tried it again and I get the same results as we get in VW12.5.3. None of the other programs we use, for either design or toolpathing, exhibit this issue. Tom
  7. Hans, Thanks for the reply. I understand about the CAM module not exporting information but will interiorcad export those file types after the design is finalized? The lack of support on the CAM module in the US has me worried. We are currently running a Multicam CNC using G-code output files. Will we be able to post process the files with VectorWOP to allow using them on our machine? Thanks,
  8. Hans, We have also contacted Sven via email today as we have been interested in interiorcad and also the CAM output module for output to our CNC's. Sven gave me the name of three customers using this module in Canada but there is currently no support in the US. We will be upgrading to VW2009 and purchasing interiorcad either way. Will interiorcad export dxf files so that they can be used in our current toolpathing software. This thread is the most interest I have seen in interiorcad in years and I cannot figure out why it is not more widely used in the USA. Thanks and looking forward to your reply, T.Gerald Marino Edinboro Hardwoods Ltd. www.edinborohardwoods.com 814-734-7364
  9. Well here is todays reason why not to use VW dxf outputs for any type of manufacturing. We just scrapped about $5K worth of mold parts due this particular VW issue. To duplicate the problem just draw a 6" sq. on the screen. Go to the Fillet tool and apply a 3" radius to a corner and trim the excess. Now go to the Offset tool and offset the resulting polyline .5" inward. All looks OK until you decompose the objects and you will notice that the radius that was offset is not only the wrong size, its sweep length is not 90 degrees and now a short line segement appears to connect the missing part of the arc. This is able to be duplicated at will in 11.5.2 that we are using. If you decompose the object first and then select the radius and adjoining line segments, the problem does not occur, at least with the limited testing we have performed. We had a small issue on the CNC last week with some other parts and we could not pinpoint the cause. Now we have. I hope you users with the Machine Design package are carefull, as this issue could lead to all sorts of manufacturing problems. Well, it's back to the other drawing programs for our everyday file outputs to the machines. They are not as user friendly as VW has been, but these types of issues do not occur and we cannot afford to scrap anymore products.
  10. Katie, Any luck with the files I sent you??
  11. Katie, Have you had any luck reviewing the file I sent you on the above problem??
  12. Katie, New dual head video card was installed recently. Layer scale is at 1:8. Coordinates from origin are as follows...X..-2'5.609", Y..-8.272" I have forwarded to you the file that shows the clip problem. Thanks
  13. Katie, I am currently running Windows XP. I just noticed again this afternoon when I went to delete a few items the menu bar was blinking and the part was on the screen for a few seconds, vs. an instant delete which even my VW8.5.2 accomplishes. I mentioned the 'blinking' above and it appears to be erratic. I removed and re-installed VW 11 and I still get the same thing. I had some more 'clip' issues this morning as indicated above, but not all the time. Another thing that I noticed today was a glitch with the 'Fillet' tool. I drew a rectangle 1.50" high x 3.00" long. I wanted to 'bullnose' the 1.50 end using the fillet tool and setting it for a .750 radius and just filleting both corners. One corner worked fine and it would not let me fillet the opposite corner. I got the infamous' Two or more unlocked objects....'prompt. I finally had to re-enter another value, in this case .7495 in order for the fillet to work. I tried the exact same moves on VW 8.5.2 with all settings and preferences the same and it works OK everytime. Has anyone else experienced this problem?? Thanks
  14. Has anyone had trouble with the Clip Surface Command in V11?? I am getting some weird results where I go to clip and the clipping object does not clip but becomes part of the object to be clipped. I can move the clipping object away and the outline of it will still be attached to the object to be clipped and cannot be removed. I also notice my menu bar blinking when I go to open some files and I tried to use the Clip Tool, using the marquee and it does not work. A Are there any current updates I am missing?? I have only been using V11 for two months after coming off of V8.5.2 for years. BTW, where did the Extend Tool go for entending lines to boundry objects?? I have had this for years and now in the new and improved version it's gone. Thanks
  15. Here's another 'improvement glitch' from todays lesson. Go to Page>Units>Units of Measure. Set to 'Inches','Decimal' and .0001 places. When you dimension on drawing using these values the 'inch' mark does not appear in the dimensions and the dimension will only read to three places, .001, regardless of how it is set. When you set the units to 'Feet and Inches' the 'inch' mark now appears but the units value will not go beyond three places, .001. The lack of the inch is fairly critical when swapping the drawing back and forth with others who rely on some type of scale for import. the dimension could be inches, mm, or feet. Tom Marino
  16. Is this a reply to another post? This item does not concern me. Tom
  17. I was supposed to get the training CD with my upgrade and it was not shipped. I spoke to Ryan yesterday and he was going to get it out, pronto! The above post mentions that the dialog box will appear the FIRST time I use it and you do not address that. What does it mean?? I'll keep my comments to myself until I review the CD. Thanks for the input, Tom Marino
  18. Katie, After I use the text tool and hit 'enter' on the keypad it does nothing other than enter the text and allow you to continue placing text. You can not 'exit' the toll as you indicate. Now onto that resource thing.... I go to Window>Palettes>Resource Browser>Drafting Tools. This lists the items I had mentioned. If I double click on the 'Section Marker'to place it on the drawing there is no dialog box that you refer to.In order to use that resource it has to be 'double clicked' and then placed on the drawing. The 'Active Symbol' label in the bottom left of the resource browser window will not change until the item being used is double clicked. Where are the OIP settings you are refering to and also the preferences button? I can find no reference of these items in the Help menu. Thanks for the input, if I only understood..... Tom Marino
  19. I just installed VW11 yesterday and I played with a few old files that I done on VW 8.6 and I must say that the first few features I used have gone backwards as far as ease of use. For instance, I went to put a section marker on the drawing. VW8.6 brings up a dialog box, you fill it out and then insert symbol. Very straightforward. In VW 11 I had to insert symbol, then go back and select, pull menu down to properties and then edit the symbol. Intuitive this is not! I found the same with shaft break, reference markers etc. Instead of being easier to use they are more cumbersome. Still having to go to the 2D selection box to exit the tool and change commands is downright archaic. That's what 'Right Clicking' is all about in the PC world. I have been a VW user since the MiniCad 6 days on my Mac and that environment did not support "Right Clicking" so I got used to it. This version of VW is the first time I have tried VW on a PC system other than a VW 9.0 version which was crap. All the other programs I use for CAD and 3D modeling in our business and I have to say the first few things I have found in VW 11 do not impress me. I'll wait till I get my training CD, which was supposed to be in my box, to further evaluate. But as for now, I think my VW 8.6 on my G4 will run circles around VW 11 for most used items ease of use. I'll post again after I see the training CD. Thanks, Tom Marino.....user since MiniCad 6
  20. I am having trouble in v9.0 getting the smart cursor cue for perpendicular line to work. I set the constaints and a get a perpendicular cue when using straight lines but I can't get a cue to a curved line. I draw an arc using the radius tool and then I try to get the ends closed with a line perpendicular to the arc and I can't get the prompt. v8.5 on my other system does this perfectly. Is this another one of those features that got thrown by the wayside like the 'Nudge' command?? What are these software engineers thinking?? Do they ever talk to the people who use this software and depend on it every day?? Thanks, Tom
  21. I am trying to layout a structural spiral stair and I need to wind a structural channel into a helix. How is this accomplished?? I can find no reference to 'spiral' or 'helix' in any of the help info or searching this board. Oh yes.....I am using VW 8.6.2...I know.....old!!! Thanks for any help at all. Tom in PA
  22. Katie,When selected the arc attributes appear as they should. I am setting it for no fill. I tried redoing it on a clean sheet, single layer, no other items to confuse the issue and it still does it. I can duplicate it , no problem.It's the only item that does not copy. I tried just doing the arc by itself to make sure it was not another item on the drawing causing the problem. When I go to paste it on the blank nothing shows up. When I go to 'Select All' the 4 handles appear and nothing else. I cannot use the handles to manipulate the arc so it is just there.Should I try reinstalling from the CD??Thanks for the reply, Regards, Tom Marino in PA
  23. I just ran across a problem today using the 'Arc by 3 Points' tool. I am working in 1/2":1'0" scale and I am trying to draw an arc with an approximate radius of 48' +/-, connecting three points as I have done a million times before.I click on the first point, go to the second, click and go to the third. While I am trveling to the third point the arc disappears. When I click on the end point the arc is nowhere to be found.I have the same arc on a drawing I did yesterday so I tried to copy and paste it. I opened up a new sheet and tried to paste the copy and it does not show up at all.When I 'Select All' I get 4 points that show up but no arc.I trashed the Pref file this afternoon and retried and still no go. Can someone help me out???? Tom Marino
  24. Katie,I am trying to Export a file I created in VW 8.5.2., not import.I tried the same scenario today and was able to export the files successfully each time. I exported them to the desktop and then imported them back to see if it worked and it did. I have done nothing to hardware or software since my first posting. Go figure!Thanks for the reply, Regards, Tom Marino in PA
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