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  1. Just made my first QTVR, it looks great on my mac, but will not rotate, only zoom in and out on the first frame on a PC, any ideas why? If you need specifics just ask.
  2. I am using VW 12.5 and trying to export a .dxf for my Composer software in order for my Gerber 3d Router to cut the shapes. Ever time I do so the wrong size will appear when opened in Composer, and sometimes it won't even open. Anyone have any similar issues, or know what I am doing wrong.
  3. ok i fiddled with it some more and i think i got the hang of what your suggesting, i just had to rotate my polygon
  4. i tried it and i guess the only problem is that the polygons do not emit light on the graphic surface
  5. the area lights purpose is to light a graphic inside an aluminum frame, simulating a track of lighting along the frame. So do i need any lights aimed at these polygons?
  6. Its a trade show booth, a two color back ground, about 16 area lights, 10 spots, 4 directional lights. mostly wood textures from vw, and a few glass textures. i guess it seems like some complex stuff to render, but i still feel like i may be doing something wrong
  7. Anyone have any tips on cutting render time without sacrificing quality of the image. I am using a g4 quad core 4gb ram power mac, and i am assuming its a pretty fast machine, but i still run into extremely slow renders, even at low dpi. I never use radiosity, so i am a bit baffled at its speed. The only thing i can think of is the area lights, which i try to use in moderation. Please Enlighten me.
  8. I am a new user VW, but have used other animation tools in other 3d programs. I can't seem to get Walkthrough animations to work. Anyone got a minute to give me a step by step, or point me in the right direction of an online tutorial for the animation features.(can't seem to find one)
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