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  1. Hi, am doing my sections and they are looking too flat. I want to make them appear 3d within the 2d drawing what techniques can i use with vectorworks and photoshop. I havent yet put them into photoshop. link below for images http://i254.photobucket.com/albums/hh113/alexwoody/sectionsunrendered.jpg
  2. hi got a simple question was wondering what line weights i should use for ext walls, int walls, furniture etc.
  3. am also in final year lost all my final plans!! got a week to rectify. I went to the mac shop and they said if it is reading as zero kb then there is nothing you can do because there is no information at all. The only thing that may work is using diagnostics to try and repair the file but with a file like that it is 99% failure rate. Another option could be if you have temporary files for vectorworks (i didint) it may have saved something before it happened. But i think you may have to redo it sorry for bearer of bad news
  4. have calmed down a little....just got so much detailing to do and the football is on! but thanks for your help...if you can.
  5. have no previous saves and other files are fine. Just this one is bad.
  6. was working on some plans this morning.... closed the comp for lunch.... went to open after lunch and the file said that it was created using an older version and it wants to change the name. So you do and then it says that it could be mini cad file or has got corrupt. Wasn't sure what to do. Someone mentioned something about temporary files. But it doesnt look good considering the file says that it contains 0kb!! Pls help!!
  7. thanks alot im sure it wont be the last question! ...its the little things like that that i just dont know.....which makes life a little hard.
  8. i have worked out how to punch through extruded blocks but i cant seem to subtract a solid through the shape i have made using the revolve rail tool. hope this explains a little better
  9. hi im a little new to vectorworks and have been getting to grips with the loft tool and the revolve rail tool. I have wrapped two floors of an atrium using these tools. The bottom using loft and capped it using the revolve rail tool. However i am having trouble punching holes through the structure to create walkways and balconies. please help!...
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