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  1. I'd like to put another request in for a better/more streamlined way to deal with referenced layers positions. I typically do a separate file for each floor level of building plan. These files all are positioned in alignment or 'on top of each other' relative to a common origin point. This works great for drafting and design, but there are many occasions when I set up sheet files that I need to shift or move the position of one of the plans so it can oocupy its own space on the sheet. I don't want to move the vector data in the base file.

    Would it be possible for Vectorworks to add the ability to provide some kind of origin position offset control for referenced files in the Workgroup Reference menu? It would be great to have a button in that menu for this feature. It could simply have input fields for X & Y. Any coordinate entered in for provide a temporary offset of that file's origin that would not effect the base file. This would eliminate the need to try to deal with the workaround with layer links, etc.



  2. The do look like they might be from an arc, or some kind of crazy extension of a couple arcs. The file is a site plan with a lot of arcs for the different curbs.

    I restarted my computer this morning and tried printing as bitmap and they arcs went away. I was able to print normally to my epson 2200 after that and it seemed fine. Was it possibly just a memory glitch?



  3. I'm having some ghost lines appear when I am trying to print a site plan. I have tried the print resolution at 300 and 600 dpi, tried printing at 11x17 to an Epson 2200 and through Adobe Acrobat 6.0. The lines vary in location from print to print, but they are not part of the drawing and they are not meant to be there. I have also tried using the postscript printing option under the vectorworks sub menu in the print window with no luck. I also tried closing and restarting vecotorworks. There are probably about 10-12 items of rotated text in the drawing as well. Does anyone have any suggestions or recommendations? Thank you in advance for all your assistance.


    VW 10.5.1

    Mac G4 533

    OS 10.3.2

    256 MG RAM

  4. I'd like to make a request that Vectorworks devote some time and effort to improving and expanding the workgroup referencing capabilities. The ability to mask referenced layers would be very, very helpful (I know you can work around this with shapes, but still). Also, I really need the ability to rotate or move objects on referenced layers. I know you can use layer link, but I need to control the layer order, as well as have various layers show up as 'Grayed'.

    I have a second easier wish for the eyedropper tool. Is there a way to use the eyedropper to pick up a set of attributes and have those become the default characteristics?

    Thanks for all the past and future help with VW.


  5. I have a couple questions/wishlist features regarding the stair tool. I am interesting in showing a stair break for two sets of stairs (one going up and the other going down) that overlap. It seems that the present '2d Stair Break' is designed for only one set of stairs. Secondly, I'd like to be able to control the break as to where it cuts off the stair, and possibly have an option to show a dashed line as to the extent of the stair above past the break line. I'm sure this sounds nit-picky, but it would be nice to be able to do this with the tool instead of having to re-create the stairs as a 2d set of lines and rectangles to get it to look like what I want. It also seems like there is very little documentation on the stair tool in the Architect's section of the User Manual. Have I overlooked any of the above features? Thanks.

  6. I am trying to find the best way to set up a sheet for printing that uses reference files and their layers. I have been reading some past posts, and saw a suggestion to use the layer link feature, unlock the data, move it or rotate it as needed, and then lock it again. When I tried this with a floor plan, everything was shown in 3-D (effecting walls and symbols), I could not see a way to get it back into 2-D, which is what I wanted for printing. Is there a workaround for this problem? I would love to be able to adjust the reference file directly.

    As a secondary wish list item, I would also appreciate the ability to mask off unwanted parts of the file as well.

  7. Has there been any definitive answer/update to this video card problem yet? I have a new G4 533 and it is still really frustrating to not be able to use Vectorworks on it. Is there any way tech support can move a little faster in getting this resolved?

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