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  1. Hi Rob, Right click on row 2 and select "Edit Criteria...." and the deselect "Plug-in Objects".
  2. Prolyft would be nice ūüėĄ
  3. Is there a way to add or adjust fixture modes yourself? Kris
  4. It's because of the "safety factors" defined in the Bracework Preferences. Default there is a factor of 1.5 for Temporary Loads and 1.35 for Permanent Loads
  5. Hi, Where can I find sleeveblocks to build a groundsupport? Kris
  6. Where can I find object like XLR, NL8, EP5 outlets?
  7. Does anybody have an Interal TC library already?
  8. Is it possible to make the audio array settings available into your workgroup folder? Right now I can not access the Bumpers and Speakers that I placed into the workgroup folder.


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