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  1. in 2012 how do you add a landing? help states click on the flights and platforms tab. in stair preferences there is no tab for this. 2008 it was easy to do.
  2. I have been going to reasourse browser and picking a door I like and right mouse click andmake that active then inserting it with no problems. I have been doing alot of updates on prints and today when I do that it jumps me to the 2d insertion mode and I get a funny little icon and cant insert. but if I go to the tool sets and pick the door I can insert it. I know I must have clicked on something in a hurry to get it to be doing this but cant figure out what I did. is there a way to make vectorworks to go back to factory defaults? Oh I have vectorworks 2008 Mike
  3. Thanks so much. That saves me alot of work. Mike
  4. Yes I know I can change the settings with teh objects properties but then have to do it for every room. not a major deal one one drawing I set the font size to large and I can reduce it with the properties, but then every time I use the spae tool it uses the large font and I go to go and change it. I was hoping there was a way to reset it so it would default to the new size. thanks for your help Mike
  5. I have been using the space tool for getting my square footage and rough room sizes and it has worked great for what i need. problem is the first time you use it on a drawing up come these menus which you fill in. BUT! the next room automatically comes up with the information from the first one. is there a way to change the default settngs? Mike
  6. Yes I do know that. I use the reasourse browser more as buildings that I am drawing have multiple style doors and that is easier. Also moving the mouse around to set the door has been a challenge for me. I get it all set then clock the mouse and poof the door swing will change... that is most likley big fingers on the mouse and not a program issue though Mike
  7. I insert a door and need the direction of swing changed. I know I go to properties and then flip and have no problem that way. I am just wondering if there is a short cut key to just do the flipping? Mike
  8. Thanks, I dont know why it never made sense before. but both these techniques work great. thanks again Mike
  9. How can I find the square footage or area of a room that has already been drawn? Especially if it is a weird shape. Mike
  10. yes that worked great. thanks. I was pulling out what little hair I have left trying to figure that one Thanks again Mike
  11. I imported a dwg file with no problems, scale is good etc. I was adding walls with no problem but then went to insert a door and it willnot let me pick that option. or windwos either. I can add columns and stairs and other features from the building shell but cant seem to get doors. Now drawing from scratch puting a door into a wall is easy. just on imported dwg files I have the problem. any ideas? Mike
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