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  1. We have this problem. It?s a nightmare. We have had to result to enforcing a strict protocol of returning our plan rotation to zero before anyone saves (not exactly convenient). In any one project, all our files are referenced into each other, and then all the layouts sheets are in separate files with that geometry referenced in to them. A number of people work on a project at a time. It only takes one bad save, and it takes a long time to locate and iron out the problem. It?s very annoying that VW release software with such a restrictive bug. This has cost us a lot of time and money which obviously we cannot charge to our clients. I?ve contacted VW tech support who are normally very helpful, but on this point I get no reply to my emails. Sorry to be so negative, but now the 2008 upgrade has now cost us a lot more than the list price. Rob (UK)


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