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  1. Thanx gmm18 that was exactly the info i needed and i successfully completed that project I have one other problem with another project at the moment. I have put 3D windows into the walls in my plans but when i go to the elevations the holes have been cut into the walls but the window detail is not showing up. If anyone knows how to solve this problem that would be great Thanx all
  2. Hi all, I have a few questions. I am new to vectorworks 3D I am using vectorworks version 11.5.1 At the moment I am modelling a house. I have produced the ground and first floor plans on separate sheets and therefore have different layers for each. I now want to produce active elevations and sections on different sheets so I can update the elevations as I work on the plans. Is there a way to join these layers together to act as a single object but not effect the originals acting as the plans?? As for the last question what is the easiest way to produce these elevations. At moment I am setting them up on the sheet and then creating 3D views and then creating a polygon copy however I find this method very tedious and am hoping there is a more efficient ethod that I am yet to find. I also attempted the section and found when i used the cut 2D section it only showed objects it was cutting through and not showing objects in the background. thanks to anyone who can help me with this project
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