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  1. Ian, How do I start to create the 3D model. For example, an raised patio section with steps? Thanks.
  2. I have completed a 2D plan which has landscape walls, stairs, landings and raised patios. How do convert these 2D elements into working drawings or 3D drawings? I wil require to show dimensions etc for contractors. Cross Sections? Thanks.
  3. I am currently using 2008. Thanks.
  4. Is there a method of producing a multi coloured palette for plant symbols? Secondly,I am looking to produce a softer presentation copy for clients. Some of the colours are harsh and would like to produce a product which is more appealing! For example, simply colouring lawn sections a particular shade of green does not look great. Suggestions?
  5. alfresco


    I am stuggling with curved lines for garden beds etc. What is the best metnod for producing fluid curves? Thanks.
  6. How do you join landscape wall sections?
  7. Thank you very much for your response. How do I edit the symbol? Thanks.
  8. I am unable to colour a planting plan. I cannot colour fill any of the garden detail. How do I add colour to the plant symbols for 2D rendering. Thanks.
  9. I have just created a new site plan for a project. I used the property line tool. I have a line coming off the boundary seemily running to infinity. How do I remove this line? It perhaps is an annotation of some kind, but with no end?
  10. Thank you very much for your assistance! The worksheet is updated. Is there a way to coalesce plant data. I have several single or group entries of the same species. The worksheet currently lists as seperate entries. Can I recalculate the worksheet to show a sum of each specified species/cultivar?
  11. I have initiated a planting plan. When I came back to make further entries, the worksheet would not reflect the new material added, although indicated on the plan. I have clicked the new entries to be included in the worksheet? What am I not doing to refresh or updated the worksheet? Thanks.
  12. I am going back in to a drawing to add additional plants and make some changes to my plant choices. However, the changes are not reflected in the worksheet even though they are in the drawing. When I check the selected planted, I have them selected to be included in the report? What am not doing correctly. Thanks.
  13. Thank you very much for your help.When I click on a plant symbol I do not have any object handles other than the centre handle. When I look at my preferences it indicates 8 handle seclected, however they do not appear with plant symbols? When I select the 2d selection tool to move a tag what other tool is required for to complete the task. Perhaps I do have my tool bar set up properly. Interactive mode? Thanks.
  14. When I try to do this I end up moving the plant symbol and not the tag? What am I doing wrong? I cannot seem to move the tag? Thanks.
  15. The botanical column is present, however I cannot fill the information?
  16. I cannot produce a plant list with botanical names. How do I include botanical names in the plant list? How can I add comments to the list? What is the edit process?
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