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  1. VW 12.5.3 on XP and or MAC OS: Is there a way to find a word in the file and zoom to it? I can use find and replace only. Find alone doesn't do anything except find the word but doesn't show me where it is.
  2. Thank you, that helped.
  3. I am using VW 12.5.2(71041) on Mac OS 10.4.11 My application slows down after about 5 hours of use. So in the morning it is at a certain speed. But it becomes slow (refreshing and zooming), sometimes mouse clicks are slow to arrive the screen. The activity Monitor shows: Real Memory 440, Threads 14 at the end of he day. In the morning Activity Monitor shows:Real memory:197, threads 9 or 4 . My computer is on a network and multiple users log on and connect to it, but they don't use the files directly from my computer, they may read only or copy but not write to it. Any ideas on how to speed up the application? Thank you.
  4. You got it. That's what I was looking for. Thank you for your patience at answering my question : )
  5. I apologize for my vague question. I have 2 files:1- base plan file and 2-sheet plan file. File #1 has all the design layers and is a workgroup reference inside file #2. File #2 has all the sheet layers, and the design layers that came in from file #1 as a reference. The issue that I have above is when I am working inside file #2 (sheet plan). I go to the design layer in that same file which is locked because it is a reference. But I see the lines in rough sketch there and locked so I can't change them. In the base plan (the workgroup reference it is not). They are straight in the viewport because I can set it up as you said.
  6. I am using VW Architect 12.5.2 on mac 10.4.11. I have the following issue: I am in the sheet plan of a project. In the viewport, all lines appear solid straight. However, in the design layer of the sheet plan the render of some objects appear in sketch rough. If I go to the base plan, the lines of the same object are solid straight. How do I change the Render>Sketch style, for the rendering in the design layer of the sheet plan, to straight?It is locked. I would like to know what caused this. I inherited the file from another user. So I don't know how they did it.
  7. Mac OS, VW 12.5.2. When I reload a child sheet that refers a worksheet in the parent sheet (Workgroup referenced sheet). I get a dialog box that says"Worksheet already exist would you like to rename or replace". How do I get rid of that and why is it happening. Thank you
  8. Turning On Quartz imaging solved the problem. It is under VW Preferences. Thank you all.
  9. How do you translate to TrueType? I could try that. Thank you.
  10. Hi Travis, My system is Mac OS X 10.4.11 I tried printing form MS Word and it prints OK. I looked at the Software/Fonts list and Graphite MM is a PostScript not TrueType. What else would you like to check for? Thank you Raida
  11. Hello, I am using VW 12.5.2. The font is set to GraphMM_374 RG 736WI. 10 Points. All the sudden it is printing and displaying too wide. Is there a way to reset it to the normal width? Thank you
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