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  1. In the light of true 3D modeling I would have to agree with this.
  2. how bout the ability to enter Lat, Lon info per stake. and better yet the ability to enter Lat, Lon and have the tool automatically know where it is so sequential Lat, Lon would be automatic. This would probably require one or two initial entered points before it could triangulate.
  3. It just dawned on me that the Tree Protection Zone line options in the Existing Tree Tool are the old selection style. How about continuing the new Line items there as well. This would allow us to label the lines vs. color.
  4. I did have an auto numbering script written by Matt Panzer, I will find the script and see if Matt would like it posted. And yes this tool needs a major overhaul!
  5. I will also start noting what is happening more and post.
  6. yes I too have had this often and have come to accept this as normal for VW. I know I shouldn't but what to do?
  7. i usually select points and move 3d Z value to desired.
  8. I use to run a 30 with a 17" laptop the different monitors worked well . Its about getting the extra windows off the main drawing screen.
  9. man this is really bad I should spend more time looking at the previous posts I meant to say Stan. But Kizza and motus what size are they you seem to get all in there quite well.
  10. sorry Kizza I meant motus!
  11. as far as drawing area I have one full monitor just for that, the other is for other VW windows and mail, music and calendar. I do like Kizza's set up, what size are they?
  12. I have an ATI Radeon allows for my dual monitors and works great. If money was no object I would jump to the Quadro in a heartbeat.
  13. These are great but when it comes to irrigation design the ability to initially select the spray radius then click to set head then click to set one fixed side then click to set final side. this would be the best option for layout. Although a faded full circle as a guide would also help. The problem here is I can get VW to do anything but in many instances it is not efficient to work in the give parameters of the program as it is now. Thus we need an irrigation module.
  14. Thom, as I have stated before. We need an appropriate irrigation design module.
  15. Terri, sorry i missed your response. Yes for the plant tags on screen you can set different classes as cdub suggests. Quite often I will design all and grey out the other phases in a viewport showing that phase, leaving the active phase in color.
  16. sorry for the short answer, I was distracted with FOOD! Sorry very hungry. As I was saying yes you can, as I understand what you are trying to accomplish. A phased plant list is very doable and If you need further help with is just send me your worksheet and Ill work it up for you.
  17. stake object should also include auto sequential numbering of stakes. Other than that its a great list.
  18. still very frustrated with the text not being pre selected when a new callout is started. What am I doing wrong, or is this an issue with 2013?
  19. di you ever think that maybe the weather forecast was wrong and its mostly sunny? Just kidding! I too have found the existing to be poor and am working on creating my own.
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