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  1. can you send an image or the actual file so we could see.
  2. Useful data can easily be aplied to this I am sure. As digitalmechanics stated its just eye candy and by the title of the file just a site view. This could be used as a before view or if there was something there before now showing what it would look like as an open space. As for mom and dad investors - what do you mean by that. many of us accomplish great projects from residential work.
  3. extrude along path or repetitive unit, and maybe surface array but maybe an architect can jump in on there ideas.
  4. Yes I have encountered this often. The added sum fixes the issue.
  5. Ill try printing, but yes when the line zoom is on it shows up. That is the (or should be the fine reference line of the thicker line.
  6. I have not been getting this at all on my computer. but when I turned on zoom line thickness I do. Quite interesting, I will play with it. Sorry I was so confused. I was not getting the same results earlier.
  7. Could you mark your drawing to show hat you are seeing. I am getting everything from your section line and beyond. I have given the back wall texture and the fountains also. Sorry for the confession here but if you could clarify more by marking the issue I would like to experiment.
  8. Here is your file modified. let me know if tis is what you are looking for.
  9. I believe this could be adjusted in the worksheet.
  10. I admit its not the ideal but may work
  11. I generated the same detain in a new drawing using the water fountain from your drawing and had no issues. Jonathan is correct. Check your line weight of the class. Also try again in a fresh design. Keep us informed on your results. Hope this helps.
  12. looks great! can you give a brief description of what you used, ie. for the shrub brush.
  13. I guess I would have to say it would probably be easier to forget about AutoCad and just look as VW as its own thing. There are some similarities but they do work differently, so trying to "match" them up will only confuse the situation. Just my oppinion
  14. I generally use image props, and then can create my own.
  15. Yes, I agree with Kevin. The reshape tool will have to be your friend in this situation.
  16. Bezier or cubic vertex modes can be less than ideal. I mostly use buy vertex.
  17. Not sure what you are referring to but I use the poly line tool all the time and get great smooth curves. Could you elaborate on your issue?
  18. Under The help Command, select VW Help then pdf, then commands. This will give you a list.
  19. I have a good Graphics card and have no issues renders just fine. I would have to say it most likely is the card. But more RAM is always a good thing.
  20. Have your clients download the free version of quicktime 7 for windows.
  21. I have seen this before but didn't put much thought into it. Thanks for the reminder Peter.
  22. Opens slow but opens. I hope someone with a PC can pipe in here.
  23. yes that would be nice. Camera Rail Tool. However have you used the walk through tool? But drawing a curve or line and setting and adjusting views would be nice and probably more accurate.
  24. I have used the way benson suggests many times and works well.
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