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  1. I have also had issued with 3D triangles, I thought it was me. If others have had the same issue could this be a bug?
  2. can you post and I will be happy to look. Or you could PM me.
  3. I agree, this would be a great addition, or I mean FIX! I should have had this ability from the start.
  4. you can link circuits using the Circuiting Tool in the MEP Tool Set.
  5. Got it! I am so used to going to books for reference that I went to some old VW12(not 2012) manuals. Needless to say they are now in the recycling bin.
  6. Forget it, I found the info in the help listing, I guess its time to through away the old books.
  7. As I was digging around in the stock title blocks last night I ran across an odd one (at least for me). In the custom title block (custom title blocks-2 layer) I fount that some fields are populated with different suffixes such as _SN, _SD#. now I know the # is for multiline. What are these codes as I cannot find any reference to them in any documentation (or at least where I am looking). Also are there any other prefixes or suffixes that offer functionality that are not listed, or even a master list?
  8. I have played a lot with it and found there is no "two click" solution. Got it now though. Thanks all. Maybe Ill make a simpler pergola next time. Also Bruce I have now modified the main beams to be 4" wide and just a single beam. Thanks Peter.
  9. Wow, You learn something new every day. I just do not usually use the split tool (I should) and just never even thought of that. Very easy. Thanks guys, huge help!
  10. Thanks guys I was using the subtract solids command but I was creating a thin extrude to cut the trusses and trying to then delete the unwanted remaining side. This does not work as VW still sees the now two pieces still as one. It would be nice to have a slice tool in 3d.
  11. I am sure one of the others on the board will chime in, and they may have another solution.
  12. Are you using only one screen? If you are and the window is off screen, sometimes by changing the screen resolution you can force it to show up.
  13. Lets start with the basics. Under the window heading is the OIP (Object Information Pallet) Selected?
  14. It is in the building tool set and I believe came out in 2011(I'm not sure)
  15. I do the same thing with PDF's for my plans but have not come across this issue yet. I will play to see if I can duplicate. Have you tried it on another (New) file so see if it does it again.
  16. this is updated from last time I had looked. I am buying now and will report back. Thanks for the info Jonathan.
  17. from what I have always used yes but there may be some specific standards I am not aware of.
  18. Jonathan, how familiar are you with the seipe tool, I have looked at it and it looks like a great piece but is it only in Italian.
  19. I use them as images with the background cropped. This allows for appropriate shadows with the only drawback being a rendered top vie as the cross plant disappears and leaves only the shadow.
  20. how about using "seipe" (I believe thats right) plugin.
  21. to me the curb looks a little rough and whats with the random lines along the curb. Just curious not dissing (over all it is looking pretty good)
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