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  1. Ray, yes I have and can work but files can get QUITE large. I haven't done this for a while though as I have found the data I collect generally tends to be more accurate. But also depends on the size of site you are working on. 1-20 acres no problem 100+ acres ?????
  2. I input as 3D Loci (just a simple x,y,z) this generally is all I need (I can label the points by number and ref type also) this keeps the data small and accurate. As for Stake Objects , I utilize them only for site modification and for stakeout or layout points that I can send back to the total station. This allows me to distinguish between survey data and layout data.
  3. Yogi, I just read your post but running out to a meeting here in 10 min. Ill post on your question later tonight. I think your 3-4 hours behind so you shouldnt get it to late. Later
  4. Not sure I haven't really tried that. I will give it a shot and see if I notice any difference.
  5. I have had really good results with the loci.
  6. Are you referring to a 'bow' or multi pane window as opposed to a 'bay' or 3 sided window? Or an actual curved glass.
  7. Ray good point. I adjust the site model settings As for the input data I import loci generated by a total station so data is low. I have also had discussions with Yogi on this as he also has a Total Station. As for other input data, yes lines and others could bog the system down. What are you using as your input data?
  8. Yogi, With large sites I have no problem with the DTM if you set a large enough contour level (say 6') then when you need a more detailed elevation map of a specific area copy that areas data set to new DTM layer and reset elevations to say 6". This is what I have done but there may be other solutions from other members.
  9. This is a great way to purge unwanted classes and layers. select classes you want and bobs your uncle. same with layers
  10. Tamsin, as for some of the other strange issues when creating plants often the labels will not post on the original. and when you select to erase the tag and a small square in the middle of the plant disappear while the overall plant stays and is not selectable. This does go away when resized or closed and reopened.
  11. It would be nice to have a drop down in the 'Get Plant Data' to select the plant list you would like to draw on. this would keep from say (worst case) loading 'All Plants' ( 8,000+ plants) then reloading 'Perennials' (1,200+). Seems like a lot of waiting to process over and over. Especially when my "grasses" list is 81 plants.
  12. Things working now, but the ability to have like id's due to implant from other files is troublesome and could pose issues. I change the plant id's based per plan and the number in each category. Perennials would be P-1, P-2, P-3, Shrubs S-1, S-2, S-3 so on. When creating a new plant the field auto populates with untitled 1,2 or 3 and so on as you create. It would be nice to have the ability to set these parameters. Also while were on the topic of plants It would be nice to have a drop down in the 'Get Plant Data' to select the plant list you would like to draw on. this would keep from say (worst case) loading 'All Plants' ( 8,000+ plants) then reloading 'Perennials' (1,200+). Seems like a lot of waiting to process over and over. Especially when my "grasses" list is 81 plants.
  13. Alright, I think I am narrowing it down a bit. When I entered a new id in the plant the listing would go away. However the tags would not display without erasing and re-setting. the other is that you cannot type the same id, this is good. However If your lazy like I was and pulled a plant from another file through the resource browser, and the plant id's were the same(ie. P-2 and P-2) then you have two of the same id's in one file, VW dose not warn you and it seems to corrupt the file. Then you have to start over carefully. I think this is a Bug, can anyone confirm?
  14. Your right. Seems to work now with the new plants I am creating. However This was happening before with existing plant of not only my creation but VW plants. I had to try the VW plants when all of my other plants were not working. I will continue to test and report back.
  15. Ok, I have had this for a while and still haven't found the problem. When trying to adjust Plant Settings I get a dialog box like the image posted. I cannot modify any plants!!!! Tamsin are you out there?
  16. This has been an issue I have had for some time. There should be a round up and round down with the ability to set rounding points.
  17. Dips, swale, and multi slope pads are a daily occurrence and the lack of ability to easily modify the DTM to meet requirements is always frustrating. The need is great! I am often frustrated on the complex operations needed to show proper elevation modifications. This process should be made more intuitive, this will ensure a more accurate DTM.
  18. the problem in my opinion is the inconsistency of frequently used capabilities. You can do almost anything in VW but to what lengths do you have to go to achieve the outcome. For instance on the architecture side would it be cost effective to design a wall if you had to place and represent each individual stud vs. the wall tool which does this for you. Or in Landscaping place and label each individual plant vs. the plant tool and plant grouping. The underground capabilities have far reaching possibilities both architecturally and landscape. For me not only the ability to show basements or sub level construction easily but for sections show the coordination of piping and structure around septic tanks, grey water tanks, infiltration systems and so on. We live in a complex world and many items exist below ground if we are truly moving to a 3D world lets not forget about sub grade. And lets be able to accomplish this without having to resort to just getting by and using more steps than necessary to accomplish the task.
  19. And sections through a DTM need to be improved. The just do not cut it for me (no pun intended) they miss much of the detail and require to much afterwork to make them visually useful.
  20. Justin, I like your tool for its functionality in portraying 3D pipes. I really like the invert labeling. This would be a great tool to use for drainage and site modeling. Why VW does not have this is a surprise to me.
  21. Peter I was talking to Bruce and maybe the "seipe" plugin would work. do you know the link.
  22. Yes Bruce a piping tool that generates 3D can be set for size and type and also set invert of pipe at beginning, end and at intervals would be a massively wonderfully addition.
  23. Yes that can work but will also make the plant tags very light.
  24. I find it easier to draw a line or polyline and click the arrow on or off. This allows me to customize the arrowhead.
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