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  1. I may be an old fart but can someone explain what's "idem" and I would also like to know the list of improvements.
  2. To me it sounds like the eggheads in the big chairs making all the money(i.e Bill and Steve)need to stop their argument and learn to work together better. This will help all of us the end user. OOOPS! Sorry I was dreaming a little there.
  3. Bryan G.


    I tend to use the Arc line to Tangent Tool and Compose all my segments when I am done. Now you can pul a measure for layout in the field.
  4. Awesome, I actually am working on a project where these will come in handy. Thanks, very excellent.
  5. eegriega, try using the 3d polygon tool in the 3d modeling set, this may help you with a quick stream. As a side note I'm not sure what each point is when I turn on the label reference to list the description they don't tell me what the points are, this could help greatly, or if you have a listing system then Ignore my previous statement.
  6. I would like to create a map of each of the viewports that I have generated on my various sheet layers and be able to reference them by page number and viewport number. Dose anyone have any suggestions?
  7. I'm with Christiaan, but how about support for iwork, its faster, easier and just better than Office. To be honest the capabilities are there for either platform.
  8. In the process of trying to add new plants to the database my computer froze up and now when I open the database through Vectorworks I get a small window with no writing in it and one button. when you select the button it gives you a window to select a file but when you select a file it quits. HELP! What would fix this problem.
  9. Thanks Pat, that helps with that little issue. I definetly would like to know more about the worksheets and how to manipulate data. I am playing with it now but would love some pointers on them if you ever get a chance.
  10. I am trying to generate a plant list that separates out and lists my information in groups such as annuals, perennials,shrubs, trees. I get one master list of all plants alphabetically, I do get that I can append another list but I need to know how to separate the plant types. And as another note I get the column totals on the top and cannot seem to get rid of them anyone have any help.
  11. maarten, wow that actually really cleared up the hatch editor for me. Now it makes a little more sense, I will definitely play with it and send you my results soon. once again thanks for the help, its been great to get help from all of you on this matter. PS great movie I just wish I would have had some popcorn. You've got my vote for best documentary!
  12. We have designed a pretty extensive Plant Library and have not found any issue like this I will check it out on our system and see if we get the same problem. We have noticed when placing some plants that they seem to be scattered throughout the plan. By double clicking on the plant and editing the 2D symbol (do not actually edit the plant just open the edit window then close again.) the plant re-establishes, strange but seems to work.
  13. Thanks all for your help on this conundrum, I am finding it quite peculiar that there are so many different varieties or say flavored add ons to different versions throughout the world, Its almost like NA dose not talk to the other distributors. Kind of peculiar. Oh well this would be a great addition (just need to have it in English, my grandmother was Dutch I could have had her translate but she's no longer with us, kind of makes it tough, maybe Vectorworks could handle that for us in the near future. Once again thanks to all on your input.
  14. Looks a little different or maybe its just the foreign language, we do not seem to have the same listings, I would like to know if there is any thing like this for the american version.
  15. Maybe its just me or maybe its a monday but I do not seem to be able to find Make Hatch. I did however find the tile tool and it seems to have what I am looking for. dose anyone have any insight on this, how to create a hatch or tile from what maarten is describing?
  16. Thanks I will try that right away, Goes to show you learn somthing new every day.
  17. Thanks RonMan, I have found that the hatch editor (aside from needing a PHD in Astrophysics)is quite cumbersome and limited to simple geometric shapes and lines. I guess I am just use to Illustrators hatch tool where you create a shape in a box and presto a hatch. However I can get used to textures for this issue. However it would be nice to have a true hatch for this that way my irregular bluestone and patterned bluestone would look like they were rendered the same. If I find a solution (or an Astrophysics Professor) I will post my results on the board.
  18. Yes, looking through now. I am debating using an image with a low opacity and a color to achieve my look. Thank you though for the help, good to know about vector depot.
  19. Got it opened via stuffit and it is a square irregular pattern I an looking for a fractured irregular(not rectangular) shape. Any other ideas.
  20. Thanks for the link, I followed their directions to no avail. I continually get an error in the editor when I compile (I downloaded an .sit file hope thats correct)and not knowing Greek??? Have any ideas?
  21. I would like to produce a surface with an irregular flagstone pattern (preferably a hatch) dose anyone know a good one or a work around for this conundrum?
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