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  1. for clarification. the sheet layer size should be set to the desired output size. then all is to scale.
  2. If your sheet layer is set to 24x36 and you Batch PDF the resulting PDF's should be 24x36 but you can the set the size based in Adobe Page Setup. Here you can adjust to 11x17 of whatever. As for your printer the print settings should be set to NOT scale and you should be ok.
  3. It would be a nice function.
  4. Matt, I do the same. For plans with multiple sheets you can always re-export individuals or groups later if you do not need the entire batch.
  5. Yes, Benson's way will work well. I have done the same with a .25" offset and works well. As a note Benson, thats quite a terrace, are you worried about erosion?JK
  6. Sorry Grade Limit (not Fence) (got a little old school there)
  7. You could create multiple Pads in the DTM and surround with Fence.
  8. yes this is true and an annoying problem. I would be nice if it would highlight all of that item (even if multiple .
  9. It would be nice if the hardscape tool could create running bond paths but it does not. it would also be nice to create more elaborate border systems. i.e. 4x8 soldier with 4x4 split stone and 6x6 square all different colors and together to make a border, or even a double or triple row.
  10. Duplicate along path and check the Tangent to path option
  11. Duplicate along path is what you are looking for
  12. yes, needs some improvements but great PDF generator
  13. I think you are looking for the "Tick Style" (ie. cross or dot). these are used on a plan for center of plant referencing purposes and thus will not show in the plant schedule (as image). Hope this helps. If you are looking for a graphical display of a tick I would suggest designing them in your plants as a class.
  14. it would also be nice to have a location to enter truncation (or warning strips)
  15. yes if you know your elevation and rise over run. it would be nice if you could enter the length of the ramp and it would alert you if it was outside of ADA specs. This would be good for the wish list.
  16. On that particular I did not mesh smooth. I only used it for topo elevations in a DTM. and yes with more points comes slower DTM. It was noticeable but not by much.
  17. Well after our phone conversation it was interesting to know VW will zoom to 1M% if you type it in but only 500% on the drop down. Always good to discover something new when you don't generally use its capabilities. Besides working in "acre" scale is great its kind of like squinting at everything (its much more forgiving) Serious though thanks for the heads, up never knew!
  18. Are you rendering at a microscopic level?
  19. Could you post a file or Feel free to PM me I can take a look.
  20. Did you recalculate. It is a right click and select at bottom of list.
  21. very nice Jonathan, guess I have seen this but never messed with it. Thanks for the tip.
  22. yes, those must have been some very early victorians in the 18th century. Quite frankly, Im glad you caught it, I didn't notice till you corrected. Still wondering though on the reference of bow window.
  23. With the Loci I just recently measured a job and had over 30K points and had no problem with the data or the DTM.
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