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  1. Permissions were fine did a repair anyway but still have the problem. I was just about to email myself a plan to see if that would do anything.(however I would still need another solution due to I do not want to email thousands of plans)
  2. Alright, checked disk (all is ok) and still not working. PS sorry it took a while to get back to you. I had to step outside and experience the heat wave (24) its been below zero way to long.
  3. interesting. when I download my own file that I just posted, VW2010 then tells me it is an older file and will be converted and opened. I do not have this question arise when I try to open the files directly from 2010.
  4. First time i have ever sent a file, so hope this works.
  5. "Failure on attempt to open file" VW2008 still opens them like a champ.
  6. Ok maybe I took to long a break over the holidays, and this my be one of those OOOPS moments, but can anyone tell me why I cannot get 2010 to open my 2008 files. I get an error message every time.
  7. I also would like this ability. We find it awkward, and almost embarrassing when we have to jump through hoops to retrieve our data from the collector. And holsteinson is right if VW does not have the availability then reach out to Trimble, a collaboration can only help VW by having a direct relationship like that. This would open the doors to many more people that I am sure would love to switch to VW. I haven't switched to 2010 but it would be nice as an 2010 v1.2.
  8. We have also been contacted by at least 3 other firms locally that are considering a move to VW but have some hesitations on the irrigation side among other issues. As a supporter of VW I always up-sell VW but will not pretend that there is a viable solution for irrigation. If a module is produced or is being worked on by a third party it would be greatly appreciated to know. And yes Thom, if VW set a time table then it would be easier for a developer to produce it if they knew VW wasn't.
  9. I believe what Thom is asking for (and sorry if I'm wrong) but other than "It's on our list" is it going to be developed next year the year after that or is it a twenty year wait. And for the record what is the "List" of future developments as paying customers we would just like to know what's in store. Its nice to know what the horse your backing is actually doing. I'm not asking for release secrets but my dream list of projects has many things I would like to do but are probably not ever going to get done and I can say they are on the list but people are not clearing there schedule to get ready for it. I would also like a VW response, but other comments would be welcome! Sorry to jump on your thread Thom.
  10. Could you explain, and the possible benefits?
  11. I liked the info in this topic we have also had the same issues, and easy solutions are great. However how is it done? The knowledge would allow us to create custom reports. Also is there any reference material in regards to the reports area of the program? And is there a way to automatically apply an image of the plant by its listing in the report.
  12. With the advent of the new Kernel wouldn't it be nice to be able to do hydrology! VW can now and should give Civil 3D a reason to be scared! I would like to now if there are others that would like this feature? Please post!
  13. I also have contacted Raincad and received the same response. I called Vectorworks and asked many questions with the answer being that they do not have an answer. Vectorworks claims there is not enough demand to work on this now, my response is that if the product is in the market people will come. If nobody wanted irrigation design software, Raincad, Land FX, and all the other softwares would not exist. VW needs to step up and handle these requests by either generating there own or partnering with another. It just good business to offer solutions. If this dialog continues with interested parties just simply posting they want irrigation this will force VW to look at this seriously.
  14. Quite often when we import our data the text needs to be down sized to be able to read the points. Is this what you are referring to?
  15. Christiaan, Good question! I don't know how to get it done I'm not a programer. But iwork or office work well on Mac and would like to have an easier method for worksheets, via excel or numbers and text applications. Maybe I am not well versed on worksheets in VW, but maybe thats because they are not the easiest to deal with. Thus the first request for OLE by brudgers. Just looking for improvements and ease of use like everyone else.
  16. Wow great stuff, thanks for the link.
  17. As a note to brudgers, I also like rDesign did not intend to offend anyone. I also feel that VW should be based on open technology, and if OLE works for the PC, and something else works for the MAC, GREAT, This should be about making VW better for all, not just one platform. After all WE are the end users and this forum is a great source for shared experience and improving the core of the program through discussion. That said MAC is better! Just Kidding! I am not a programer but I am sure this conundrum can be solved. Any way you look at it its all better than the old PC and MAC days of old. You know GREEN SCREEN. Technology is grand and moving rapidly and even though it seems like NNA dose not listen they obviously do just check out the post on SP3 updates. If we discus they will listen and modify. There I hope that plug was worth something.
  18. I have tried that before but will try again. We were told to export out as "text" file but having issues as of late. Thanks for the post, I will try and repost my findings.
  19. Wow that changed as I was typing, I guess that helps greatly. And kind of weirds me out that you posted the list as I was commenting. TECHNOLOGY, love it!
  20. A list would have been nice but this dose help a little.
  21. I am wondering if anyone has any knowledge of exporting DXF text files to a field data collector for field layout.
  22. Yes, I find it quite odd that the moderator answers how to go back an service pack but still wont let us know what is in the service pack. Should be hopefully a pretty simple request. Not trying to sound mean here but it is a pretty simple curiosity.
  23. NICE TO KNOW! nice to learn something new, that should cover me for today. Hey I am from the midwest USA lost of english and COLD weather, not a lot of Latin.
  24. Bryan G.


    Not sure of your exact dilemma but have you tried send to surface?
  25. I think this would be an invaluable tool in the field for quick adjustments and viewing a plan on the run. This would also be nice so my other designers could update a plan and I could see the changes realtime. This would make Mac not only a great design platform but excellent for Enterprise in the design markets, Total integration, GO GO GO!
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