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  1. Good I thought I was loosing my mind. Peter, go ahead and report it, I have never reported a bug, and I will research how to for future issues. Thanks for confirming my conundrum.
  2. Mike, thanks for the heads up on the working plane, but I've got that down pat. If I draw a circle in top/plan and dim it, then extrude, no problem. If I draw a circle in iso view and dim it no problem till I extrude then dim floats to the left or right. And when I just extrude cant use circ dims but can set plane to side and dim that ok. It may be a bug as this is a 30 day test for me. I WILL be upgrading as I am quite pleased overall. I would like to show you what I get but I don't know how to show image from my screen, If you would be so kind as to direct me in the right manner to do so I would post right away.
  3. Im sure these are better ways to work, I just need to get my head around it. I have never really produced alot of 3D but I am begining to work with it more and starting to get used to it in VW. Thanks all for bearing with my questions and comments, I always pickup alot from here. Again thanks!
  4. I may be doing something wrong, but I can add dims to the circle before I use the push/pull tool but I can't after it is extruded. do you have any enlightenment on this?
  5. exactly what your showing. I can't get it to snap to anything. I will work at it more but sota odd for me (although it just might be me, very possible)
  6. 1) Direct connectivity to Trimble stations. 2) IRRIGATION (proper tools) 3) ability to manipulate Hardscape pads in 3D (ie. slope, crest, valley so on) 4) better wall tool, block dimensions, geo grid, drain fill, (the new step tool is a good start though) 5) Hydrology 6) Mulch/ Rock bed tool (specify type and depth of bed) (much like Plant area) 7) the ability to adjust grade and set new grade as Baseline (for purpose of Calculations) I'm sure there's more to come. I do have to say that I am quite pleased with the overall advances in VW 2011 and hope to se exponential changes in the future. I would like to see VW the benchmark that others aim to instead of AutoCad.
  7. I may be wrong (as I do not use MD readily) but is it now a sub panel under AEC in Designer series.
  8. Vincent C, I would have to agree with you, maybe its a throwback to the old days (or not) but multi perspectives, at least to me seem more accurate and faster in the initial design. But that may just be the old pen and paper talking. Its just how I think when I draw. And from what it sounds like It's how allot of people think.
  9. I have had some issue with dimensioning 3D on circles (ie radial dimensions) has anyone had the same?
  10. Good Question, I remember seeing the article and thinking wow here we go VW is diving headlong into high end civil cad. Sort of a disappointment that we don't see it or even know about it anymore.
  11. Curious, has any body found in 2010 that the import of a DXF file from a survey (ie. survey points from a total station), that the 3D Locus point do not automatically populate into the point symbol circle and that you have to manually input all 3D locus. I have called vectorworks a few times to see if this could be resolved. They also found that all works well with 2008 and 2009 but a big oops on 2010. I would also like to know if this is fixed in 2011. If someone has 2011 and could check this out I would be much appreciative.
  12. Bill Sorry for my misunderstanding of this issue, when I render the corner window options by just placing a window in space all is fine, when I place two corner windows in how you have it in your .png same as you show. I learned a little more here and also found there is a problem with the corner window tool. Judah, I'm guessing you already have 2011, I would like to ask you some questions on new capabilities to see about my own upgrades. I'll talk to you though in another topic more appropriate.
  13. Bill Ill try it again and render it I may be wrong (windows not my expertise so thanks for bearing with me at least I'm learning this portion of the software I normally do not deal with.) was that enough of a run.
  14. Bill, Granted i am not an Architect so my use of the window tool is limited, but my options in the PIO are available. funny thing is my window tool seems to work but lots of issues with landmark, yours probably works fine.
  15. Parts-trim- then check trim under stool in include interior trim. I think that may be what your looking for.
  16. Select Similar Tool (Magic wand tool) This is most likely what you are looking for.
  17. Bruce, Yes more memory is always better, I found out myself that I run multiple programs at once and ram is all gone by the time I am ready to draft. this slows down the system drastically due to the system will use virtual memory on the hard drive as replacement. Try going to Activity monitor in you utilities folder select the system memory tab near the bottom page ins are your ram usage , page outs are well not. I increased my ram last winter and my page outs are almost always at zero. PS ram is really cheap the more you have the better(I guess within reason).
  18. Grant may be correct with the corruption, however how many programs do you have running at once? this can chew up a large amount of RAM not leaving much to work with. try running fewer programs and see if that helps, also check your file size you may have a corrupted file (oh yeah grant already mentioned that) I have had allot of corrupted files in older versions, oddly not lately.
  19. Bruce, Definitely you can use the reshape and accomplish all you need. It is used about 60% for my tracing, and as you know thats, well, allot. You probably need to get used to it in your workflow. I will be down your neck of the woods this week, so if you would like me to stop in and show you how I am using the reshaper, it may help.
  20. Thanks Vincent did not think of that either although it requires me to create a figure and apply it in line form it may be cumbersome with curves, however I have not played much with the concept but I definitely will.
  21. As of late my boot hard drive went down and was forced to use my time machine backup. IT WORKS LIKE A DREAM! thank god apple engineers came up with this one. If you are looking for a single source backup system a 1 or 2 TB external backup drive with Time Machine is a fantastic choice. And Bruce is right if you need to go back to a specific day, easy as pie.
  22. Wow, Like I said a real no-brainer but it works great. Thanks much. This would be a great wish item to be able to create custom lines with text or symbols attached.
  23. This may be a no-brainer but I'm hitting a wall. Is there a way to generate a line with a letter or symbol spaced every so often. ie I would like to label my Gas and Phone lines with a "G" and "Ph" respectively.
  24. Thanks Ray, a very simple fix (gotta be the cold air up here freezing the brain cells). I was pulling the file from a Lacie hard drive connected with firewire. Still a little confused why 2008 had no problem opening them though but the first plan I moved now opens so I will try a few more. Thanks for the help I'll keep you updated if it completely fixes the issue.
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