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  1. Thanks Matt I'll give it a whirl. But who's Bob, I don't know Bob, and why do I want Bob to be my uncle?
  2. Heres another question or maybe a bug, but when you are in the CSW tool, if you toggle from even steps to terrain steps and back again the bottom of the wall steps even when the radial button is not selected, you have to select and de-select to get it straight again. just wundrin.
  3. also what's with the little calculator next to the radial buttons?
  4. Looks good Peter. I get the same results, just seems like allot to go through for a readily used task, I wish there was a feature in the line tool that would make it easier, but hey in the time it took me to type this I could have had it done with the RU tool. Just dreaming.
  5. are you referring to the create stepped wall dialog box, little image to the left. If so when I create a wall, set view to front and create stepped wall with the steps climbing to the right they show up on the wall to the left. Am I missing something?
  6. stepped wall tool will be really nice, but I can never tell which end is stepping. You can reverse sides but there is no preview.
  7. HMMMM! I will play with it. I'll let you know what I think on the 28th.
  8. to answer my own question, it is fixed in 2011.
  9. Ok then, how about same features on a landscape wall tool?
  10. bear with me I do not do allot of rendering, but could you produce those buildings with full color landscape? I mean white buildings with a full landscape plan in color?
  11. Andrew, I see you already got an answer. And yes you can. However I would like to add is it possible to override the second copy? I don't ask this question to be a thief, more because I am lazy. Here is why I ask. I am a one man show and I leave my workhorse(Mac Pro) running all the time, sometimes a change of scenery is nice and I will take my laptop up to work (ie. letters to clients, surf the web, solitaire) when I sometimes need to reference a VW file or I just get in the mood to work in VW. I cant because I get a warning that 2 VW's are running. Would be nice if they could both be used in a situation like that. If not I supposed I could get off my a-- and turn off the other.
  12. I think there should be functionality in the hardscape tool that not only allows for grade/slope but components much like the wall tool in architect functions. what I mean is for pavers we could spec the thickness of pavers, sand, base, geotextile, anything individually. This would be great for calculations and for section vies for different surfaces. It would also be nice if it would give individual cut and fill calcs to just that surface. Just looking for feedback on this or if there is a way to do this already I would like to know how.
  13. Guess I'll add it to the wish list.
  14. Thats true, but If perspective view is the preferred method for 3D modeling it sure would be nice to have VW do it first for a change. Now this may be a dumb question but what in your opinion (supporters of perspective view) makes perspective better than what we have now. Not asking this to be rude, really curious why is it better (in depth)(I do know the most obvious reason)
  15. Argh! gotta storm rolling through. Had a great response all worked up. It was a masterpiece. So as a summary because I am tired. Not frightened away! Natureboy was an accident when I started the board it has always bothered me so I changed it. I do enjoy a good heated discussion about product improvements. I bowed out because I felt I had nothing more to contribute to the post. Did not intend to upset anyone. I will continue to follow along as I always do, You guy's are always informative and at time give me a good chuckle. Good night. and hopefully the power stays on this time.
  16. Christiaan, I am sure Francois can make up his own mind. I do not assume he can't. What I mean to say is that much like Stan stated they use VW and find it fantastic they also use SU, Me also. Use what you are comfortable with as that is most likely the best bet. Francois himself stated "I can of course learn to model in VW again just for the sake of better use of the data." I do not know anything of Francios, I am sure he is an incredibly talented designer. I have seen Stans work and there work is quite incredible. I am just a beginner in VW 3D and SU but I am finding benefits to using VW. But thats me! I respect and support dialog and comparisons of other software to help improve the overall VW experience and UI. I jumped in on this as I stated not to get in the middle of an argument, but the comment from Francois to me seemed a little harsh. If I misread this I do apologize. I get allot out of the boards by reading the problems and seeing the solutions. Thanks for your time and I'm out.
  17. also what's with the white dropout on the DTM?
  18. Bryan G.

    DTM woes.

    does anyone have a solution that will alow the grade lines to continue (not close) at the edge of a DTM. I attached a file that i am working on and you can see what i am talking about at the bottom of the DTM.
  19. Francois, I'm not sure if I want to get in the middle of an argument, but VW is pretty awesome and obviously continually improving. SU is pretty awesome too. But if you are so sold on SU, use it. I like VW and am getting mere comfortable with the 3D so I use it. I like to compare VW with other software and say why not us too, its how we dialog and improve the software by our needs and wants.
  20. Benson Shaw, That is WOW! Never seen anything like that before. Really Cool, but how about price.
  21. Alright, i'll buckle on the great debate (somewhat). I do get what they are saying and I did say Apple is the best. I feel no ill will toward iMacs, they are a work of art and quite frankly in my opinion any Mac is better than a PC (thats another fight altogether) (for the PC users that was a joke). No really either would treat you very well for quite some time, I think we all have weighed in on this so the real question is which model do you tend to gravitate to, that is the model that would be best for you. Keep in mind, I would love to have a new 12 core Mac Pro fully loaded (ARGH,ARGH, ARGH) but my lowly old Machine in reality is working fantastic. Anything beats Crayons!
  22. I agree with Grant, I had a laptop and when something went wrong you are completely down (ie hardware, monitor, wifi, anything) with the tower you have some separation. I do however feel that the imac is a fantastic product (APPLE IS THE BEST!) ha ha. but for $100 difference tower may be a better choice. Besides you can always improve monitor or add more if you need. EBAY is a fantasic resource for cost saving quality.
  23. Ian, I do not notice Epix as in 2010, but PDF is still there
  24. Chris, My personal choice would be to go to the tower,you have more there and easy to add to, especially ram. But either will do quite well. The bigger the monitor the better, as you can tell by my signature I have a tower with 2 30" monitors I WILL NEVER GO BACK (I had the opportunity so I took it) And Jake, I found that Crucial was fantastic for memory, I also believe that is where Apple memory comes from. I will be adding more RAM this winter, I found massive improvements when I added the first time.
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