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  1. Also your list is quite thorough it took me a while to think about it but many of the items you listed would be great mod or adds.
  2. Is this list Architect specific? Ok Christiaan I just noticed your location is London, was it not Netherlands before? Or maybe I'm just confused. Sorry to get off subject.
  3. I am not sure if Jonathan Pickup has any, He probably does. Oh he is Archoncad by the way. This question is intriguing due to I am at this moment working on a very complex DTM. I have found trial and error is the best educator.
  4. If you want a fall in the slop add a negative. What you are asking can be done as Peter said, however you may have to play around a bit until you get more comfortable with it. You can also move the rise/fall marker around to achieve the desired slope.
  5. Web search engines are blind to Flash (so I am told). I also have not come across Flash in a web site that was a problem or an issue. I completely agree with Christiaan that lets compare real working devices. Right now we have the iPad, when something new comes out then it can be looked at. However when the others come on the market Apple as usual will produce newer, better, CUZ APPLE RULES! That was a joke by the way! For all practical purposes it is a, or could be a very usable device (not for all) but VW should utilize any tool available to them and the people using VW. This is evident in their Mac/ PC Programing and it obviously woke the Giant Autodesk to program for Mac. If VW is ahead in something they should continue full steam ahead. As a not if much of this is incoherent I have not had my coffee yet this morning I apologize.
  6. Sarah, Another tool that you could use (depending on the design) is the Repetitive Unit Tool. Try it out see if this helps.
  7. Also if you could post you drawing we could see what you are trying to do.
  8. Are you using Duplicate Array or Duplicate Along Path? As for tutorials, Archoncad is great, Jonathan's videos are a great jump off point, just search vectorworks or landmark in youtube.
  9. Whait I looked at the original post there is not a #8 am I missing something? You mean 9 and 10?
  10. Thanks for the quick reply. I will get the kids off to school and play with it to see what I get. Thanks again.
  11. I would like it as a basic field drafting tool, for me take site measures and scribble sketches then import them into VW as a native file where I could trace or manipulate the data direct. No more scans, or transferring measurements from paper. I am sure there are many other possibilities. So yes lets list the wants. Ohhh! I would like to be on site for tree inventory with the new Existing Tree Tool. That would be nice also.
  12. Vincent, White buildings would be nice from time to time when all I am trying to display is a color landscape and (white)building placement as a backdrop. Propstuff is right in questioning the removal of color, I would like to know if it can be done as I am wondering how? Just askin?
  13. I have them in mine, 30 different ones to be exact. I still believe that the problem may be when you installed it will ask if you would like to install all libraries (may not be the exact wording) try this or, check the disk you installed from.
  14. I may be wrong but there seems to be no way to use the push pull tool with multiple selections at once. This would be nice. If I am wrong what am I doing wrong?
  15. You can create a symbol and drag and drop, or use the plant tool, or use the existing plant tool in 2011(you would have to upgrade). As far as automation, I do not know of any. Do you have point generated by an outside source, or a text listing of tree locations?
  16. I think you have something else going on there I'll play to see whats up
  17. When you installed did you install the libraries?
  18. Wow thanks guys, didn't even know it was there. And Snap Loupe sounds so much better. Simple but great tool, I'v been playing.
  19. Not its not a movie! The actual question is that in some demonstration movies it looks as if the person working can quickly zoom in on a point the want to snap to when they are drawing. as if there was a quick key in and out of close up zoom. This may make no sense but I will try to find a link to show. However if you know hat I mean, how is it done?
  20. Eric, I'll give it a shot, how though can I get the separate info on say 5 different areas.
  21. Jonathan, thats great! good real world project. thanks for sharing.
  22. Heres one. Is there a way to create, say, A raingarden in a DTM and get volume calcs for just that depression. In other words can I get cut calcs for multiple different areas. Also it would be nice to create a basin, set a point where water will be at Max and calc the water only.
  23. I had posed a question on this on the install ?'s board that was similar.
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