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  1. Nice, but I'll stick to the Rational or SCS Methods. That may take some getin my head around. But I'll see.
  2. I would love a full hydrology unit, but lets just add to what we have. Add C values to each surface we have create a border for the drainage area (Much like the fence tool. and then bang we can generate Q. I don't know programing but I would think it may be easier to add to existing than rewrite from scratch.
  3. Read and write .cnx files (this would be nice for survey input and export)
  4. We have the landscape area tool, the hardscape tool the roofing commands how about adding a runoff coefficient box to these different items then we can calculate runoff in a worksheet. Just saying!
  5. Wouldn't a Low voltage Lighting Tool be nice.
  6. The expert say what? Dont get me wrong I am relatively literate in computer speak, whats ODBC and from what you are saying I could use filemaker to create a list and import direct to Existing Tree Tool (ETT). This would be incredibly useful.
  7. I like the iPad possibilities, I also think don't spend time on an app if it will take programers away from VW. The solution,VW should start a poll, ask questions, determine aprox price. If the need and monies are there then hire a team to program. If not then theres your answer. VW should let the users help direct the future actions they take. If there is a legitimate need by an large majority, they should move in that direction.
  8. Yes we need one! I don't care who it comes from. Landmark is missing a key part to landscape design.
  9. Christiaan, this site is great, good luck with it. I will find it useful to follow some of the comments you gents are saying on the boards. All that being said french fries are still french fries. JK
  10. Christiaan, Here is a question, in your recent comment in regards to Ozzie's existing tree comment. Could you use numbers to create data in the field and import it to the existing tree tool. If so how? This would be huge for me and will be playing with it to test. please advise if you have had experience on this. As for the ipad app I am all for it. It would be an incredible resource in the field (I believe for all). I remember when I got the iphone thinking just a cool toy, now it is an integral part of my business and could not imagine working without it, I believe the ipad would be the same. VW should move forward not stand still. technology moves to fast. If other do not like or need the ability oh well, to each there own. I bought designer because I wanted Architect features. I have no use for Spotlight or Machine Design. this dose not mean that I am upset that these exist, or that I had to buy them, I just work on.
  11. Tanks guys, forgot to inform but I got it figured out. Thanks much
  12. I am trying to list the stake point #'s and the description. Any body have any Ideas.
  13. Robert, Your right, I didnt even check that. Thanks much.
  14. Vincent, I here you on the whole SP1 thing, I will most likely be working in 2010 for a bit till things are fixed. PS. I also noticed that the offset on a curve issue is still around. The one where on a curve if you want to offset on one side but it dose it on the other then every other offset is correct from there. I will call VW today and see if this, and my other problems are an issue with the program and just needs to be reinstalled. I will report back. I will still look for Murphy and kick him out. been a problem all week.
  15. Vincent, I do agree with the beta testing. I should clarify that my comment was not in anger gut more questioning my problems. Were they VW or me. You need o realize this has been a very bad computer week for me, the proverbial Murphy has moved in full time. As for the changes to VW overall I like them just gotta wrap my head around them. Still wondering why no opacity. As for being cheap. I hope you didn't think I was speaking for anyone else. I usually buy the new release first. Also still confused with the PDF's I saved down to 2010 last night and then sent out to client, those printed. However earlier in the eval I had no problems. And yes the your time is up soon keeps popping up, I am hoping this has nothing to do with the problems as when they started was when I noticed problems.
  16. I know I am a cheapskate for running the 2011 demo till the end but in the last few days I have encountered LOTS of bugs and problems. PDF's don't print on other printers. The new exist tree tool now has psychedelic colors on the tree. I am not able to use the color opacity bar. And I know that bringing old files in is always risky, but they would look great if I was on LSD, but they print and show fine on a PDF. Are Others having the same issues. Or should I order the disk and reload? And What happened to the layer ability for Opacity? I'm tired. Goodnight. Chat tomorrow oops later today.
  17. Yes, I am trying them now.
  18. OK here is one for you all, I can create a lot with the Property Line Tool, I can also create a shape and convert it to a property line. but can I draw a shape give it a bering and then turn it into a PL, and can I create multiple lots set bering and create PL. If someone knows how this could be done I would love to know.
  19. Thats good to here. It's good to know they are listening.
  20. Are you wanting to Print to Plotter? What Plotter do you have? You should just be able to select the Plotter and Print to it. You have to set up the sheet for your plotter through Document setup.
  21. Peter and Jeremy, Thanks, I have never played with that, I like what it can do. It's always nice to learn something new.
  22. OK Peter this may be a rediculous question but where is this Quartz filter at, is it in Acrobat or elsewhere?
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