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  1. Ahh yes! profacto from extragroup (makers of interiorcad)
  2. somewhere I had seen an add on for VW that was for a cabinet shop only. I may be wrong!
  3. the ability to Geo Reference the location of trees.
  4. I second that. Not that the user moderators are not informative but getting direct answers from VW, how nice would that be.
  5. Yes, here VW has hardcore users that will help any way possible. If they VW would just inform us on what they are doing to make it better, I mean don't give out any trade secrets just-- yes that is a good idea and we have something like that on the plate we would tentatively like it out in version 20xx. We want VW to not be a Cad system but the best Cad system. We are here to help (or at least I am willing) Thanks guys for the responses, nice to know others have the same thoughts.
  6. I also have noticed this. It wont work in HL or Artistic and a little buggy in others when you zoom in and out. by the way text dose not work and dimensions don't either. I would like to know what I am missing, maybe a hidden command or setting?
  7. Ozzie, here there is a very large following of LandFX. they do however tend to be larger LA firms that can afford the full price of both AC and LandFX. but they are quite small as a company and I have actually talked with the head brass when I was shopping for software. They are very pro moving forward and when a question is asked as in your post they respond with real answers. Now that being said I am still a big big big supporter of VW and will do anything in my power to help them through comments or industry specific needs, all to improve the software. I would just like a little feedback from VW on whats happening. I believe VW is a fantastic design tool but the few missing things that are industry specific would put them over the top. Just sayin!!!!
  8. how does VW feel they stack up against other competing Landscape design software? Also are they at all concerned about the new AutoCad/ LandFX release? And if they are what are they hoping to do about it? And if they are doing something why/ or are the asking users(the best judge of what is needed) for input directly? I am maybe looking for a response from well anyone! Thoughts comments welcome. And just for kicks how many active VW landmark users are out there?
  9. I guess i have never really tried light objects, I will have to play around. Can you total wire and size? can you create specific circuits based on voltage totals of lamps? can you create--- oh never mind i figured that out before I asked. I like the fact that there are tools that will work for what is needed. however it can sometimes be a little confusing when the tools are not generally industry specific. For instance with the new grade tools in 2011 you have to use a standard wall tool from Architect. This is fine however the general flow seems as if we are hodgpodging the tools together to make them work. All is doable but sometimes confusing.
  10. I agree. A native VW program is the best just makes it easier, and yes there are so many partially ready to go systems just start there. I want an everything for irrigation tool but lets just start with good basics. VW is always looking to expand there market, so lets build on the obvious systems where we need. I will always ask for lots extra stuff like every one else, but irrigation is an obvious tool for landscape design and it is in my opinion being ignored. VW should just tell us where they actually stand. Eric G. if your out there do you have an answer. Eric is going to show me every thing he knows on worksheets (he doesn't know this yet) but maybe we can paste together something that is a start.
  11. John, for the plants I only set up one instance per veriety and set the container or size when I place the plant.
  12. VW could reach out to the major manufacturers for financial help in developing these tools. Great sales PR for them and help for VW.
  13. I agree, If VW was willing to discuss real timelines with its users, we could decide if we need to program ourselves. I would be more than happy to design (invest) in a system, and sell it back to VW or the open market. This goes for all wish list items. Let us know if it is in the works and a rough timeline and let us make a decision to move forward. With Autodesk in the MAC market now and the adaptable programs such as LandFX possibly available with all the features, I would like to know. I am a hardcore VW believer but if I am standing behind VW they could at least inform me (us) of whats on the table. Just sayin!
  14. What about teaming up with a company like Raincad or another already working system as an add-on (even a purchasable add-on)
  15. Thom, this is very true, for me it is very frustrating to not be able to produce Irrigation designs effectively. Every quality job here has Irrigation. We are locally starting to see a surge in Drip for turf. And I design and produce a fair amount of Green Roofs, all with irrigation. I do not feel that VW can be a full Landscape design tool till ALL aspects of landscape design are covered. I also feel that if the can produce these missing sections, they will excel in the Land design field.
  16. Thanks for the input John, I think we just need to get VW moving in the right direction, with our feedback they can not only see the need but the parameters we need in a tool.
  17. John I have a full Gertens list ready to go. Thats for us Twin Cities Locals.
  18. I recently got the Land Planning Mod. Still going through it. It seems to do a fair amount but seems like there may be some weak points (I'm not talking bad about Charles, I just need to figure out some of the tools). As for a worksheet, I think that yes it could be easy to compile info in a worksheet to generate Q, It however would be nice to automate this through vectorworks. I issued a post "DTM Woes" under Landmark that shows a simple flow pattern area of drainage (4) and surfaces, I used the area within these bounds to calculate Q. I would think something to add to the existing tools that will generate a value for C or I should say we could select for now. then a worksheet could do the rest. After all we have a cut and fill function, drainage shouldn't be that far off.
  19. Thom, here in MN the majority of the work is with PE pipe (ie. 100' or 300' rolls) your right 10' thats waste on a job, we design total length. Precip rates and Flow rates per head to total a zone would be great. There is so much more to list not enough time.
  20. Different than what may I ask? I have to run this morning but will compile me request or I should say my idea later. Stay tuned! Gotta run, but if you have a work around I would like to hear.
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