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  1. Scott, I have not had any crashing issues in 2011, actually am finding it to be quite stable. As for the files, I often do have some issues with old files in newer versions, I try not to process my workflow that way. I am sure others will pipe in with their take on this. Do you have a lot of files to work like this?
  2. Legally I am not sure if VW will let you profit (per say) on an eval copy. You should contact VW to see if they will or let someone open then save down a copy for you. But definitely clear it through VW.
  3. Yep! My Bad! Thanks Jonathan for the insight simple and works, I cant believe I havant tried this before.
  4. Havent tried it. Could it be that easy? I'll let you know.
  5. OK if theres 500 buck on the line! Sorry, for the regression - but we just fixed it today - which will be available with SP2. Thanks for reporting. There I'm not a VW employee. Just Kiddin.
  6. How about instead of x-y to determine center of gradient a click and 2nd click for length of gradient. Quick and easy to apply.
  7. I just read a post by Kaare on the general Discussion board, he had a problem and in his words "got the brushoff" he was then answered by Robert Anderson of VW and BiplapNNA. They told him (well you can read it). I do not know about others but this is what I am looking for in feedback from VW. Thanks VW, good job!
  8. I havent seen this before, could you post a file?
  9. I also would have reservations. could you get a used/reconditioned Pro or iMac. It dosn't need to be much.
  10. For clarification, I do know that these boards are watched and closely at that. As for VW responding, I believe they would like to see the boards as a self/user help system. They do occasionally respond on the boards. What I and I believe others are asking for is not free online training, but direct dialog between VW and its users to not only resolve issues users have(a quick push in the right direction, NOT TRAINING) but have a tighter user/developer relationship. This will hopefully help VW become a better application. Many of us feel that new releases seem early and buggy and when we find a problem or concern we bring it forward for improvement. An open dialog (or I should say more regular dialog) will help us feel better about the software but most likely aid VW in correcting the issues. I may be wrong here but is that what you all are wanting?
  11. I would like to say you could but I have some doubts. When I set up 4 seats the comp consultant we hires set me up with a Mac Pro. You could run a stripped down version. I will stay tuned to see what people think, this is a very good question for small firms.
  12. As a side note, when I export out the stake points to the Total Station the Z is included with the stake number. So that means the data is there we just need a way to display it all.
  13. Also display elevation with N-E and stake number. Or a customizable tool like the custom tag option in the plant tool
  14. I do have ArcView, as for the request I think it would be nice to have a simple Lat-Lon for a tree in VW for simple referencing in large jobs. I don't want to jump to 20 different programs to accomplish a days work.
  15. You can use the Stake tool in Landmark, I work with Eastings every day, as a mater of fact I am leaving to layout a job in this manner. gotta run I'm late, I'll touch back later.
  16. seems to work fine for me. I have Designer, don't know if that would make a difference.
  17. could we be able to place plants and then set the sun position so all plants shadows are set the same.
  18. can Plant shadow be placed on a different class so they can be turned on or off.
  19. How do I generate a remarks column so I can type notes about each Plant. I cannot type in the field that I generate.
  20. Eric, I DO admit that you watch this board closely and I get quality answers from you via the board or email. Point taken in regards to this being a learning forum, not something else. I do post wish list items (lately more often) and will continue to post them as I find need in my practice. As for the tools you have implemented I and maybe we see them enjoy them and for some of us waked out users maybe even love them. they are what OBVIOUSLY keep us coming back for more. And with future improvement of these tools and future tools I and again maybe we get what we want in tool robustness. I can only imagine the work it takes to program a quality tool and the reworks it takes to get them how everybody wants them. I do say thank you for your hard work!
  21. Wow thanks Peter you learn something new every day.
  22. Sorry Peter I meant my drawing Sheet.
  23. how do I get rid of the grid visual on my worksheets? Annoying!
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