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  1. Also make sure your plant data (Category) matches your sort or plants will be eliminated from the total.
  2. You only have a formula for the acer. as for the other verieties add the formula in the database header. I made the modification on you sample drawing and all works fine. Remember after each sort (ie. shrubs, perennials, etc.) add the formula in the header. Give it a whirl and let us know if you have any other questions.
  3. Post your worksheet and we could check it to see if there is an issue.
  4. Sorry now I got your problem to work. Yes it is quite strange I will play with it a little though.
  5. I have thought about doing something similar to my title block as well. I already have a Redline Log to show open and closed redlines with who by and Notations. I just thought it would be nice to use the data stamp tool to generate a log of revisions. I have a revision list that I put in my title block that I just don't use like I should. I guess I am a little lazy that way. I was looking for something, well a date stamp to make it easier.
  6. Maybe I am missing something here but I would like to use the DST to stamp (possibly multiple) times on a sheet or multiple sheet to generate a record of all revisions. If there is a simpler way I am all ears (well I have 2). Dworks, Thanks I'll try it out and see what it does.
  7. OK here is maybe a no-brainer. I would like to use the Date Stamp Tool (DST) to stamp every time I complete a revision. I have noticed that occasionally if I stamp a sheet the date will change on its own sporadically. Also When I attempt to generate a report for the DST all I get for values is True of False not the actual date, time and filename. Anybody have any feedback on this one?
  8. Peter, I get the internet thing, but if I turn off the airport on the laptop, no mater where I am I get the same thing. I have never had this issue with other versions. I am wondering if it is due to the 30 trial has timed out but for some reason not accepting the new serial. Its just kinda weird. Thanks though for the replies, I'll let you know how all turns out.
  9. No not running at the same time, well the one at the office is usually always on but out in the field say 40 miles from the office. I am going to completely erase and reinstall and see if that helps.
  10. I use a laptop (not much) for when I am about. I had the trial 2011 on both machines, then got the full version and installed on both. My tower has been running fine for 2 months but I went to use the laptop in the field the other day and it claims my subscription is past due. Did they do away with the 2 computer install allowance? Should I completely erase 2011 from the laptop and reinstall? If there is anyone with a similar problem?
  11. I'll just through tis out there. I will change can't with doesn't! VW doesn't charge an arm and two legs (notice they leave one arm, gotta run the mouse!)!
  12. Mark you can change the plant size by double clicking the plant and modifying the plant description.
  13. Does the OIP show it is a hardscape in the upper left corner?
  14. yes that is what I am afraid of.
  15. I am looking for a great way to show a field with native grasses in 3D. Any one got an Idea?
  16. This would be nice. Also the ability to toggle between live view and copy would be great, For those times when you want to show multiple possibilities of the cubed section.
  17. Bruce, I see that if objects are in screen mode they do not go planar, if they are in layer mode they do. The layer mode makes complete sense to me all the way around. works great for me with my plans and the new 3D push/pull is great. But why screen plane what is the benefit for it over or with Layer plane?
  18. Thanks Bruce, i'll play and post back.
  19. Yes. I like how the layer plane you can move to a planar view, but why the screen plane what is the benefit. I do not do a lot of 3D and am now getting into it more. Just trying to see the difference and benefit between the two.
  20. OK maybe its just me but whats with the layer and screen planes, I might be missing something but what is there benefit and use. I just cant get my head around their use. A good explanation would be great.
  21. I had this problem when I was saving to a network. If you are pull the file to your desktop, save then place back to network.
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