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  1. I get that. Why though do we need to have so many steps. How about select WS from resource browser, drag to worksheet. If you would like to append just drag another from browser and drag to WS you would like to append to, then a dialog box appears asking if I would like to append, Y or N. Then I can rinse and repeat. this is three mouse clicks vs well lots of mouse clicks
  2. It would be nice to have the ability to append a pre-formatted worksheet to another. I do know you can append already but you need to format each and every time. For instance if I want to create a plant list, then I want to modify to Phase 1(yes this can be done quite easily) but then if I need Phase 2, 3 and so on the ability to append a new worksheet to an existing one would be great. Just a thought.
  3. I also have experienced issues when dimensioning on a design layer then trying to render in GL in the viewport, dims looks like alien text. Anybody had this?
  4. Looks like somebody got a little off topic!!!!!! As for the difference that Pat Stanford pointed out I did some digging and option+shift+8 should be used when adding degrees to VW tools or most GPS Total Stations. Option 0 dose not play friendly (kinda like a few on this thread). Info supplied, have fun folks!
  5. jKelly As this sounds like it may be an accidental error on VW's behalf will there be a posting on this board (announcements) or a bulk email to alert others? I'm sure VW is on top of it.
  6. Very strange. Looks like a call to VW. Good luck with the install!
  7. if that doesn't work post back I will try to remember what I did when I had the same problem.
  8. B If you had the trial ver. get rid of it. then reinstall. its worth a shot.
  9. John, Trash 2011, the demo is over anyway. And forget about the help menu use the PDF manuals included with 2010. If you really get stuck post a question here and someone(very knowledgeable people here always) will most definitely help you or feel free to call my cell, I could attempt to flounder my way to resolving the issue
  10. This gets me wondering. bc's statement #2, if I am entering bering data, does it matter if I enter the ordinal symbol or degrees? I'll try and let you know! and Petri I think your secretly jealous of the land of, as you say MO. :-) PS I'm in MN -10? is a heat wave!
  11. I will confirm Shift+Option+8! Always been that. As for us Americans, your welcome for giving you the Mac in the first place. :-)
  12. Christiaan, I am wondering if the module was written using the piece Escher's Relativity as a basis for calculation?
  13. X frog, MannyC, X frog 3d not so much, I tend to use image props I generate myself.
  14. Sounds great, only if your handwriting is good though. My handwriting well lets just say its good that I use a computer. This program could be quite good though for those that want a custom hand lettered feel, let us know what you think, meanwhile I'lll practice my garble called handwriting.
  15. Are you for instance unwrapping a curve to get a flat workable dimension? I would also like this. For instance take the letter C give it a 6" x 6" body say 3' high. I would like to unwrap the back spine and the inner, flatten them and lay them out on steel to be cut and welded. Good question hopefully there is an answer.
  16. A solution to this would be for VW to be able to add loci points to the hardscape you could then set the elevations of the loci associated with that hardscape.
  17. Petri, I do agree with you whole hartedly, the problem however is (And I use them only for dialog) that if left to Trimble to do it it wont get done. If left for VW to do it they cant support every native format but us being end users should be able to request this of VW, and in turn they should contact Trimble on the matter with a request for joint or generic data, together they can make it happen they both win in this scenario which makes the end user the real winner. When One big company like Trimble jumps on board with VW then others will eventually follow. We then have simple solutions and we can stop this thread and move on to the next issue. I know its a little bit of a rosy outlook but hey I'm a little tired and hungry. As for .cnx the data recorder uses has many embedded features that seem to get lost in the malay of file transferring. I can only assume this would be better served working natively. It least I would have many fewer steps in transfer. Time is money!
  18. Petri, I understand what your saying in reference to Long/Lat, and I do quite well with importing and exporting data with my Total Station. My issue with this is I have to jump through hoops to get the data from one device to another. For instance Trimble generates a native .cnx file for it's data, I then have to save as a .dxf down load to the PC side of my machine using VM ware (Yes I have a Mac) then Import to Mac, then import the .dxf into VW where I have even more work to do to make it a workable file. If VW could import .cnx directly the info in the native file would be easier to manipulate from the get go. And you don't want me to start on exporting files.
  19. I would have to definitely agree with #3. I have requested this for some time now. I can import and work with the data from Trimble but to have the ability to import and edit raw data (don't forget export) would be wonderful.
  20. Here Here DWorks. I would also like to know as this is a long going conundrum I have grappled with.
  21. Mark, I also would like to know more of what your issue is can you post a VW file (although it may be to big) Post what you can Im sure we could figure it out. As for screen shot on a PC ????? sorry.
  22. Sorry Jake, I believe Renderworks is required.
  23. Jon, when in doubt with the worksheets I find a stress ball (walls are to expensive to fix) works well. Or just post the issue and you will get a solution. Keep going with it your definitely on the right track with your worksheets.
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