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  1. I will be there. Last year was a blast, always wanted to see Philly. Chicago is now closer to me but is always a great place to visit. Beyond the city is the reason we attend, the Summit and I can definitely say Vectorworks does it well. It's a great experience and is always great to meet all of you.

  2. I generally find applying a record format to my turf area is better and for the edging I use a different layer with record format. this allows for easier calculating with exact info. also quite easy to control on-off or adjust. and allows for classes if i need further adjustment and detail.

  3. I think i get what your issue is, and no there is no tool that will do that but placing a standard tree object or existing tree will work and scale the "circle to what you need. For graphical presentations I often use the plant tool and un-check the "on plant list" box thus not adding to the new plant tally in a worksheet.

  4. I have been using Billings and now Billings Pro for time tracking for years. it is available in server base and mobile so i can record my field time to the same job. I seems to be quite powerful and also includes the ability to invoice and monitor payments also input retainer fees for the job. cost a bit but it has paid for itself many times over. You do have to manually start stop but its a good habit to get into.

  5. Jim W, I understand the issues with full VW on a machine but with as many users out there and being able to benchmark computers would aide in many users purchasing decisions. What I mean is in my case I would like to go to a new mac pro, I will take the chance that it is a superior machine and spend the money. I will then benchmark this machine and post. Then when John Doe (imaginary person sorry if your name is John Doe) is looking to buy a new machine, he can look at the posted computers and make his selection based on his workflow and budget. I just spoke with a user that renders custom furniture pieces and does not need a workhorse of a computer so he can find the computer that gives him the results he wants at a price he wants. For me if I can spent $2000 more and save 10-20 min a day then money well spent.

    Dont look at it as testing all new models but a general benchmark for users by users to make better decisions for their business.

  6. Matt, yes yes this could include something like DTM calcs (just speaking for us land guys). the real world data would be invaluable. I have contacted some other users here locally to see and post there scores but I like this idea of a real benchmark.

  7. digitalmechanics, yes I like this idea. this would be a fantastic benchmark for users on determining which computer works best for them in there workflow and budget.

    This would get real results that can be monetarily measured.

  8. Ian, yes, I believe you are right that the Renderworks rendering option is intel based. I was referring to The package as a whole, ie. openGL and others. but also hope there will be something in the short future for RW option.

  9. My Cinebench R11.5 scores

    Mac Pro (2007)

    intel Xeon CPU 5150

    4 cores, 4 threads @ 2.66 Ghz

    OSX 10.6.8

    64 Bit

    ATI Radeon HD 3870 Open GL Engine

    Open GL- 23.79 fps

    CPU- 2.93

    I will post new scores with new Mac Pro when in.

  10. From what I know (and I may be wrong) is that yes the OSX can be handed off like you say. but that they have opened the door for developers to do the same. and that the system will feed overtaxing data to the graphics cards. The use of GPU in a computer is the only way to massively boost the performance of these workstations. the primary cores feed data to the GPUs, this may take some time for all third parties to write in to code (if truly needed) but this is the same route Cray Research took with the super Computers. And yes I know this is not a Super Computer but years ago when I was at Cray the Y-MP (was round just ALOT BIGGER) had 2,4 or 8 processors and a performance of 333 megaflops and max 512 MB of ram this was 1992 and cost $15,000,000.00. In 2002 the X1 would process to 50 teraflops and be sold in excess of $50,000,000.00 and is still used today.

    Here is a system that can process 7 TF at a price (guessing as it is not released) of around $10,000.00. Apple has moved from desktop as we know it today to workstations that are designed to be workhorses. And the implementation of GPU processing takes up the gap in speed improvements that the chip manufacturers(intel) are lacking on, as the overall processing of the Intels have not gained that much lately. And yes the dual GPUs should work with Renderworks as they are bridged and process jointly.

    Sorry for the long rambling, I am quite excited as I saw years ago Cray doing unbelievable things and now I get a "Mini Cray" just fun!

  11. I have ran pros as my main computer from day one. The xeons are a superior chip and the overall Pro will be a workhorse far into the future. I have ran a xeon Pro first gen since they came out (now 7 years) and have been waiting for this new version for quite some time. My existing system renders and runs fantastic even on 2014. My only true limitation is the OS is maxed so I now need to change. I would call this money well spent. I know of a few operators that use laptops and imacs and VW functions great. Bruce K. I saw piped in and he runs an iMac and seems to be quite happy.

    My end take is get the computer that best serves your workflow and budget. That is if you are a power user and produce a lot of 3D renders go for the Pro as it is designed to be a workhorse. As for the graphics cards Apple has stated the both will be used through internal software for computative intense tasks i.e. rendering.

  12. I operate with about 150 plant symbols and modify the plant on a per basis.

    What I mean is I have my most commonly used plants but if I need to change the species of a couple to use something i normally do not just adjust by way of "get plant data" and if you need you can quickly duplicate and save that plant for future use. There is no real need to have a plant for every genus, species, and variety.

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