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  1. As I appreciate Tom's intrest to want to improve or change VW for what he feels is better. But I am still confused as to why if Revit is a profit center for you as you have let us know why are you concerned with VW? Years ago I had PC and Dynascape. It, after a while did not fit my business requirements, so out it went and we changed to VW. If there is a day when VW no longer fits the bill, then I will change again. It can be frustrating to have to do this and I hope that VW will give me everything I want in the future. However you cant steer a train off its tracks to pick up one person. This is just simple business. I do wish that VW would offer more and every new release I eagerly wait to see the NEW in it. Sometimes I get what I wanted other times not. But last time I checked VW was not writing code on my behalf. I do enjoy a brisk debate on well anything, but as Mike asked show us some samples of what you are looking for alway good to see what we cant do. You never know, maybe somebody has a solution.
  2. Alright, controversial not really. I find that your primary assumption is that you have all the facts and know what is best for everyone and VW. Also you assume that the populous of VW users are clueless of other CAD/ 3D options. I am a Landscape Designer and did extensive research into options that were MAC based. After the dust settled, there were, Oh wait, only one legitimate option. Not to mention it was appropriately priced (Other options, though PC based were either the same price and limited on functionality, or 2-3 times the price). As for the 3D, I originally bought VW for the 2D aspect and as of recent updated have moved to extensively designing in 3D for site analysis and visual rendering of projects. All in one great package! Finally I understand you are asking a question and possibly with good intentions, but really, if you find something else to be better for your needs use it. I wont speak for anyone else but I have VW I like it, and overall I am satisfied. There will always be questions, issues or why does it not do what I want. I have a question of my own for you. Do you get a kickback from Revit? Sounds like a sales pitch. And no, I do not work or get any thing from VW! though it would be nice (hint, hint)
  3. great idea. I would also like to see this for irrigation design, sleeves for under hardscapes, and drainage piping. Set the type of pipe, length, and slope.
  4. Vincent, me too. I sorta liked the 3D representation in the features doc. not always but sometimes would look good.
  5. no problem, glad you got it. It always seems to be the little things that get over looked.
  6. if you would like you could send me your file and I could see whats wrong.
  7. The sheet layer is 1:1 and you set your view ports to the desired scale.
  8. nice thanks for adding that I have totally forgot about that.
  9. as far as I know you cannot add to the list. I create a symbol and use that.
  10. Ahh, this is where I was confused, he stated use the Resource Browser to import resources. I thought he then was saying that there was a New Class, New Design Layer and New Sheet Layer, in the resource browser. Now it makes sense. my bad! Thanks guys for the clarification, I should make sure I am completely awake before I read a post.
  11. Jonathan, I found this curious, When I use my Resource Browser I do not get options for New Class, New Design Layer or New Sheet Layer, am I missing something?
  12. Gotcha, Just curious. Why are you running multiple copies (Versions) of VW?
  13. Mitchell, Import Image File or Import PDF. Once it is imported then you can resize if needed.
  14. John I have it printed here in my office. 11x17 if you need it I have a meeting in Maple Grove at noon. I can get it to you if you need it.
  15. I would have to agree with Christiaan, Apple has been spot on with their releases of software. But I do understand the hold up and wait theory. With business it could be catastrophic if per say Lion was a flop. But their track record is impeccable. I try to wait for the release and update after 6mo. or a year. (still new but let others play the deck.
  16. I also am a heavy user of stake objects. I wish there was a way to auto number the stakes as I set them, ie. 1,2,3 or 100,102,103.
  17. One of the best ideas I have heard in a long time.
  18. That is a good question. Is there a moderator or a VW employee that may know?
  19. It is wrong in 2011 also. Thanks for the heads up. Jonathan I am not finding it where you say, I can find the english dictionary in the Applications>VW2011>Plug-ins>Dictionaries. After that how do you modify the dictionary?
  20. Dont quote me on this but I believe you are only allowed 2 installs (i.e. your computer and your laptop) so in your case maybe 2 licenses.
  21. Go for it you can do it. And when you open it take in the new program smell. No really, the program is great. Yes there are a few bugs but VW is always fixing and adjusting. you'll like it alot. And serious the new program smell is to die for :-)
  22. Logitech Performance MX Mouse all the way!
  23. Here's one for size. Look at apple, years ago everybody said why use apple, nobody uses it and there is no software for it. now go to the modern day, apple is everywhere (i believe they have the largest market share per manufacturer) and its growing. I agree that there are some stability issues. but as for the compatibility issues, make every one else meet VW the world will come around, they always do for better product.
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