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  1. Alright, I am not an architect so I may be missing something here, but wont the wall framer tool offer a single or dual sill option?
  2. How about a break line that when drawn then asks (by Arrow) which side of the line to cut. this would be fantastic. draw once, copy drawing, add breakline, slice off unwanted move two figures together as needed.
  3. I create my own. I found it to be the best way to express my design style. Mine are just a simple circle with some color and gradient. I do have some that look hand drawn and a water color affect. What have you found?
  4. Peter and Bryan great idea! Oh they probably wont accept me asking for it twice in the same post. This would be great though, sinks, stoves, grills, kegarators you get my drift.
  5. Guys great point here and it is always great to see how there are different ways to do a task. I do think though that a hole should be created automatically when a sink or any other device is inserted into the countertop, much like the wall with windows and doors.
  6. Yes Ozzie I agree, Also the ability to create a plane with more that one slope easily. Handles on the hardscape would be perfect.
  7. Nope, I have used dual monitors for years now and all works fine.
  8. Matt, Thanks you rock! this should save me, oh, my sanity and countless hours.
  9. Good option Tamsin, I haven't tried that yet. I'll give it a whirl.
  10. Total Stations take stake objects numbered 1-?, no specific order but I will sometimes separate specific areas by say 100-199, 200-299, etc...
  11. We need the ability to select an option to auto number stakes. Having 2000 stakes that are all #1, then having to go back and re number each one of them is a waste of my time and with these new fangled things called computers I would think this would be an easy fix. Just a question do other people out there use the stake tool regularly?
  12. You need to create a shape for the paver you are using. then draw (offset lines that are the width of the paver you are using. Then use the duplicate along path command to place multiple copies of the paver in running bond rows. A better tool for this would be great!
  13. I am importing a .dwg file supplied by an architect. My drawing is in 1/4" scale and when I import the File it comes in wrong and changes my 1/4" scale so measurements read 1200' vs 17'. has any one experienced this before. I have never had this before.
  14. I have asked for this and more as improvements to worksheets.
  15. Ray, I am with you there! How about a tool that will work similar to the wall tool in architect. we draw our line but can specify the materials, i.e. stone, drain rock, filter fabric, etc... This would work for almost anything and have the ability to set TOW and BOW elevations. We would also be able to apply textures and images to the wall for graphic representation. However we would need the ability to set base, caps, geo stabilization and so on. but a better tool for sure would be nice.
  16. Curious, does any body out there customize the visual aspect of there worksheet or is it purely data driven. Just looking for feedback.
  17. You know, that is a good one. It took me a second to realize this functionality is available in the detail bubble but not the callout tool. Yes this would be nice. How about the functionality of the detail bubble with the callout tool. Oh maybe not. But yes you have my vote for what your asking. Sometimes its the littlest things.
  18. I would agree we need more manufacturer specific libraries, but this should be offered by the manufacturers through VW. Yes VW should make the initial contact but it should be up to the Manufacturer do develop and offer (probably through VSS) these packages. They get the advertising and the spec out of this, not VW.
  19. Price and functionality, the big battle. I would have to agree with Vincent C to a point. If I could see measurable advances in the software I would be willing to pay more. But just how much is the question. If it were $100 or $200 more, and I came with massive improvements OK. But I would not pay double for the same reason as IanH stated. I would believe that of the 400,000 users VW claims and if only 1/4 of those upgraded annually with $100 increase in price, that is $10 million for R&D. That is a lot to build on. but what to build. The above thread mentions Architect, but Landmark could also use some improvements. Again an increase in price is warranted in my book if the improvements help my workflow. If I can save 10 minuets a day due to improvements this adds to $3465.80 per year savings (by payroll). In other words a no brainer. Guess we'll have to wait for 2013 to see if they have done it.
  20. It would be nice to have the worksheet format fields be active all the time much like the Mac Pages inspector. having to open this for every cell is a joke.
  21. Christiaan, I completely agree with you. This need a good fix. It's very frustrating when dimensioning a job and you never really know where they will layout. and covering witness line is an absolute no go in my book. This would save so much time if this was corrected.
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