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  1. PO boxes are cheap! and that is really ridiculous. Is the us version cheeper or drastically different in any way?
  2. Here you go! Draw your bed edge as a poly line. Start a worksheet add the value of =(perim) in a database header cell, then set criteria to type is polyline. bingo you have a lineal measure of your edging. you can then get more complex by adding rounders and dividing to get edging stick totals. or even brick counts or whatever. Let me know if you need any more help on this.
  3. The fact is the PL Tool needs an update so it can function better. It would be nice to also have the ability to draw a shape (presumably a Lot) and then apply a single known value to a segment. As here is my square box in space and now I can choose one segment and give it a northing and easting with the other legs automatically calculated. This would be great for site layout of multiple lots.
  4. Yes I also find the PDF's are most of the time extremely large. This then creates a situation with my clients where they cannot see the file then ask for a print which then winds up being delivered by me across town which adds up to allot of wasted time and money, where a small PDF can be emailed, noted by the client and sent back in minuets and I can still have time to, oh watch a youtube video or get some other work done. Sorry for the ramble!
  5. Spammers Suck! have they been removed yet?
  6. Whats with these last two posts and posters, get them off! Spam sucks!
  7. I will agree with the workflow issue. That really took some time to figure out. Once figured out though it has been allot of fun.
  8. And now I see what your saying and yes it could be nice to have a tool for this, but shift select and group is almost the same. Maybe in the instances I am thinking of, S.S.G. would work, and maybe there are some instances where your tool would be good. Maybe a VS guru would be able to generate this.
  9. Oh, I am aware of the customization. I feel though that tis is an option that should be provided from the get go. many of the people I talk to use these options all the time. Just seem like it would be nice to come pre configured, universal.
  10. I would prefer a key stroke for Compose and Objects from Polylines
  11. Rob, I think I know what you are looking for. I have to run now to pick my oldest up from camp. I will work something up this afternoon and post it for you. Hope this helps.
  12. Yes, you can reference another worksheet.
  13. Yes that thread was quite informative.
  14. Benson, Yes EAP does work but a dedicated curb tool that can modify the DTM would be great. Along with that the ability to adjust spot elevations in a pad would be great also. Ah, but that is another topic.
  15. Patrick, I am curious what in VW is not what is marketed? I also am a "smart sized firm" and after playing around with many cad choices settled on VW. I will even go as far as saying that after I had VW for a while I looked again due to disappointments. After some time though I have come to really enjoy working in VW and Renderworks. It is my bread and butter. I also have many other platforms which to work with but now find myself relying almost solely on VW. The issue that I see allot of people bring up is they have worked in Sketchup or some other software and have a good grasp on that, then with a move to VW it's not the same. It doesn't mean its wrong it is just different. As for your quantity take offs these are done through worksheets and yes they are quite difficult sometimes but once they are generated the way you would like its great. VW is definitely not a system that you pull out of a box and magic happens but with some time you can do almost anything. That almost anything part means that VW is always improving. I know my rambling sounds like a sales pitch but the main thing is it does work and works well for many "smart sized firms" if it does not work for some then sorry to hear that, we all have different methods. I would though like to know some of the specific issues, as we all would. Viewpoints from new users are what can help improve VW. They do listen (even though sometimes it doesn't feel like it) and posting is always good.
  16. I'm with Dieter. not really sure why one would be needed. Really depends how you have set up your file. Layers, Classes, or just zoom in and select. Dieter has it right by saying VW is very graphical.
  17. Except of course the limit size of your printer.
  18. I have not experienced this one. I have a couple of 30x42s. You should not be limited on size.
  19. Yes detailing the site through the DTM needs to be improved. Things can be done now but far to long a process to be productive.
  20. Definitely +1, I agree these are a must. I have also asked for direct import export to survey equipment. This would aid in lot creation and layout.
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