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  1. I am designing 5' wide stairs with only 2 stringers, not good. And while I am at it is it just me but creating stairs with 2 risers wont work am i doing something wrong?
  2. Why oh why are there not options for more than 2 stringers?
  3. I too would hope the it would function like joe is asking. If it does not this is a major disappointment. time to play with this more to see.
  4. I think I have seen this question asked before. Where are the new Aroway textures?
  5. So far so good. There have been a few changes that will alter my present workflow so time will tell if those features have been improved or if its me that needs to get used to them.
  6. Maybe I am missing something here in a set up but in 2013 now when I go to place a new Callout the text box comes pre loaded with text as it always has but the text is not pre selected. This is one step that seems like a waste of time to have to constantly select the existing type to re type. Am I missing a setting?
  7. Christiaan, I agree, better text all around would be great. but a big yes on kerning.
  8. I do recognize the improvements and they are definitely fantastic. I guess I still need to get my head around the different windows and look of the dialog boxes. As far as the overall improvements OH YEAH!
  9. Yes those features are quite nice. Maybe because it is new it seem a little cumbersome to navigate. Ill spend some time with it, maybe that will help.
  10. Motus, I havent really messed with it yet. I was going to do that today to see how it works. Ill report back.
  11. is any body else finding the new plant tool dialog boxes allot of extra clicks.
  12. but Ian it may be a test to see if you read it but the understanding part is still out there. sorta sounds like politician speak to me. Cover all the bases with out really covering any.
  13. Glad you brought that up Donald. I understand how to make a new line in the resource browser but to alter one you need to right click in the resource browser and select edit then select geometry from there you can alter the line just like a symbol would be altered. And yes I had the initial frustrations with that one too.
  14. ok i dont do a bunch with windows but could someone clarify why the image should be dimensioned, doesn't the worksheet show dims per window spec.
  15. Good point Tom. many little things can add up to quite a bit.
  16. I was wondering the same thing. time to play!
  17. send along your worksheet and ill take a look at it if you like.
  18. Thanks Tamsin, Yogi once this is done you will need to transfer the file to windows as data recorders do not connect with Mac.
  19. I would also like to see coefficient data applied to hardscapes, landscape area and roofs.
  20. I am hoping for a more robust wall tool for creating landscape walls
  21. sound in on what you are hoping for and lets see what was met on Tues.
  22. option 0 works for me on Mac
  23. Yogi,Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. try this worksheet then export the worksheet as a Tab file. then import that Tab file to your Total Station and there you go.
  24. Save whatever colors you like into a new project(blank or your existing template) then save as template and all you colors will be available in the color picker when you select active document.
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