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  1. I believe step 9 needs more clarification as I am not able to get the same selection "S" line connecting to the same points as in the example... apart from that it works!
  2. When selecting a "Saved Set" of Drawings using the Export PDF (Batch) command, only 9 sheets in the set are being recalled. I created a set called "Building Permit" containing 14 Sheets. Whenever I select this set again, only 9 sheets appear in this saved set. The missing sheets have to be added again. I had heard it has to do with the numbering but am using "01, 02, etc". Any suggestions why the Set is not maintained?
  3. I've Saved a Set for batch Printing/exporting. The set contains 18 sheets. When I restore/use the Saved Set function, only 9 of the Sheets are in the "Sheets and Views to Export" list (the right hand side). The remaining Sheets/Views stay on the left side ("Sheets and Views in Document") I've heard previously this has to do with the naming of the Sheets and whether a leading zero is used. We're using A-01.01, etc. Any suggestions? thanks
  4. This issue of crashing has been around for a long time. Since 11.5 to our current office standard VW12.53 on Macs (all specs up to date) I too have been having to save the drawing before editing the viewport text and crossing my fingers. Generally, it crashes upon editing the text 50%!! of the time. I find it occurs very often. Last week 2x per day. Today 3x. And the kicker today on crash no. 3, is my back up file (set to save every 5 minutes due to this, amongst many issues) is not even there.. gone... nowhere to be found. even after a restart, and all the other bag of tricks I usually try. First time I've had the back up file vanish. and my current file sits alone now with Zero.. yup, zero K. (it was a 118mb 3D file - but that's another issue - working a project in 3D while producing working drawing is very awkward compared to the other Cad program that I use at home) Back to work with my back up copy from my flash drive from this morning. 8 hours lost. and numerous 5 minutes lost every time this happens.. who should I send my invoice to for these times ? (NNA..I doubt it) I'm finding it hard to convince my office to even consider using vports (yes, we're working really old school in general, I'm trying to update the office) when I'm the only one crashing when editing text in the vp (and cursing). Good thing too that I didn't persuade the office to go right away to VW2008 based upon the issues that other companies/friends have informed me of... no need to reply to this.. have checked the boards, talked to 3rd party tech, with no answer to this known issue..


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