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  1. Are you even using 2010? I have tried every combination of joining the walls, and also have to JOIN the walls first, before you can use component join which is a change from 2009.
  2. Welcome to my world! It definitely disrupts your work, for now I am trying to ignore them while we wait for the patch. I think they want you to send them the files. I have to say though, my walls don't disappear.
  3. I appreciate the replies. Stress level diminishing!
  4. No response from technical support - so much for that. I just want to know if this is a bug or not. I can't be the only one having this problem! I have it on the laptop too. I was going to re-install everything but I don't see the point since both machines are affected.
  5. I am happy for you. I, however, am in hell and regretting the upgrade so far. This re-occurs consistently.
  6. Tech support, so far has not been helpful. The wall joins keep coming apart on ALL my drawings.
  7. I am going to have to go back to 2009. I can't get any consistency in the wall joins, and it is driving me crazy. I have joined the same corners about 20 times, following the help menu directions exactly, and when I open the file again some of the corners and mid wall joins are gone or screwed up. Not impressed.
  8. I am getting all kinds of odd wall behaviour in both newly created files and old 2009 files. Auto wall join is off: * I can no longer create a clean T join with the join component tool. I get an error saying "walls must be joined before components can be joined". In 2009 I could create a clean joint with 1 command. Now I have to use T wall join, then T component join. * T joins at corners, where you have 2 exterior walls L shaped, and want an interior partition aligned with the interior face of the GWB are problematic. The joint seems to revert to some odd state at will. There seems to be a lot of bugs.
  9. Okay, I'll try that. Have you had the same problem.
  10. ^^ Yes, I do have that switched on.
  11. I am running snow leopard and 2010 architect, and having some pretty major stability issues related to saved views of my model. In particular, I have terrain models with the building referenced in. While in the saved view, perspective mode, it suddenly jumps back to plan / top view unexpectedly. Anyone else having this problem?
  12. Unless I am missing something, it doesn't matter how many floors you have. When you get to the top floor, using this stair method, you need a work around to show the stair below. Look, this isn't the end of the world, just pointing out how I feel the software could be better.
  13. The duplication work around is what I mentioned in my post, perhaps not very clearly. Also, you can't notate this stair with a down arrow, so that needs to be done manually too. The new stair menu is quite powerful, but it lost some functionality.
  14. Thank you for your reply. Kind of disappointing actually. You finally get amazing options to make great stairs, and it lets you down with simple 2D graphics. What good is it showing up on 1 floor? The fact that a stair would show on the floor that it is linked to above, was one of the few menu items in the 2009 version that wasn't cumbersome. I guess I will copy the stair to the next floor, then move it down 9' and strip it of the all the 2D graphics - clumsy.
  15. I like the new stair dialogue boxes, but can't figure out how to get the stair to be visible on the floor above. In 2009, the stair was locked to the layers, so it would be visible on the 2 floors. I must be missing something.
  16. 2 months! Better not be 2 months. They said early November, and haven't updated the bulletin.
  17. I have an iMac (main machine) and a Macbook Pro which has s.leopard and VW2009. It works fine, except the icons in the menus collapse on top of each other in bizarre fashion. For that reason, I have decided to wait until November for the update - I can't afford to have 2 quirky machines!
  18. Any more feedback? I am so tempted to update my iMac - I have the Snow Leopard disk sitting on my desk. It seems to work well on my laptop, but it just crashed while I was importing a jpeg to sheet layer..........
  19. So in your learned opinion, 6 weeks is acceptable? Were they not given the final build to work with before it was released?
  20. That was my point. If they are a developer, why aren't they prepared enough to launch a service pack within a few days of the official release? Now they need another 6 weeks?
  21. Irritating, why couldn't they have tested it while SL was being developed.
  22. I don't purge when something is being processed, in fact I don't even know how you'd do that. If I am in a sheet layer, and have all the purge options checked, it crashes fairly regularly in all different files. Annoying.
  23. I get frequent crashes when purging. Often when I have a rendered image on the screen, or on the sheet layer. Same problem when I had VW 2008. Anyone else?
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