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  1. 6 hours ago, JMR said:

    Interesting. Did this advice come from VW technical support?


    I'd like to keep working files on the server since the serves is backed up constantly, and the individual pc's are not.


    The network connection is linked 2x1Gbit connection and opening and writings files is very quick currently.




    It came from the software dealer, who is my point of contact for support (they're pretty good).  We also back up our local drives with time machine usb drives so we're covered that way.  Their advice, conceptually, made sense to me.


    Yesterday we had a project double all the section line instances, making double view ports on 12 sections.  

  2. 12 hours ago, JMR said:

    All files reside on a server, which is simply a dedicated network drive.


    There seems to be two ways to "solve" these issues:

    -saving and committing, then deleting the working file and reopening the project file and thus re-creating the working file

    -if it is a really serious issue, saving the project temporarily as an ordinary .vwx file and then re-sharing it.


    I'm glad to hear project sharing works better for you.


    We had to get a new network since the previous one was getting old, but the behavior remains the same.


    We're in a PC environment, maybe it has something do to with this.

    We were advised to keep working files on the local drives, and save / commit back to the server.  Working files on the network doesn't make sense to me as the point seems to be to lessen network traffic.  I feel that the project files are not working property in pushing the updates to the working files, and when they do there is corruption along the way.  So far we've not had any fixes to the list I made in the OP.

  3. 17 hours ago, Matt Overton said:

    Just to confirm when you say recreating the Project File you mean the one residing on the server?

    So periodically taking a working file, saving as a standard file, then pulling it back to being a working file again?


    We have been using 2016 Project sharing and noticed a few of these issues. Generally getting 2-3 weeks of development before hitting a problem. 


    Yes.  We take the person with the best / most updated working file and flatten it to a .vwx file then re-create the project file on the server.

  4. Hello, I'm using VW 2017 architect in a 3 person office with a network.  We're doing our very best to keep using project sharing, but it is challenging.  When it works, it is great but....................... here are my issues which are on-going with all files:


    1. Updates not pushed to all users.  We'll edit, for example, a piece of millwork and the person who did the work see the changes and saves them.  The other two machines don't get the update no matter how long we wait.  Re-creating the project file solves this.
    2. Objects move.  Stuff gets shifted constantly, z direction of symbols change - all randomly.  Re-creating the project file solves this.
    3. Walls become unjoined.  This is irritating, and can sometimes be solved but again one user will see it and another will not.  Re-creating the project file solves this.
    4. Walls shoot off into space, again for some users.  Re-creating the project file solves this.


    See the theme?  We're re-creating our project files daily.  This will lead to mistakes, and eventually to me issuing an incorrect set of documents.  What are we doing wrong?  We're working off local hard drives for the working files and the project file is stored on the server.  All users are administrative.  


    The server is a new Mac Mini, and we're running all the latest apple software updates.  It should work better than this. 

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  5. I've been running 2011 on Lion for 4 days now, and it seems fast and stable. My iMac 27" hard drive is much quieter with Lion. I am quite pleased.

    The only functionality I've lost is the print radio buttons (update before printing, print current view, etc.).

    When VW get around to taking advantage of the full screen, and autosave functions, this will be a very nice combination of hardware and software.

  6. I can't get the Remarks section to show up on my finish schedule. When I use the Space.Remarks it looks correct, but won't display what I enter in the Space properties dialogue, or in the work sheet itself.

    Any ideas?

  7. Thanks for the replies. I have found by "texture" to be the most effective so far. I just purchased the software, mainly because of speed and ease of use. I have never seen a VW rendering that is nearly as good as one produced from this software. It might be possible, but you'd need an extraordinary amount IMO.

  8. I have a small practice too, and switched from AutoCad to VW in 2008 after 12 years on AutoCad.

    The switch was fairly easy. I am still discovering better ways to do things, but in general the software is very good. I purchased the licenses, and new Macs and still had money left over.

    Go for it. Plus life is too short to give all your CAD years to Autodesk!

  9. What is the best way you've found to export to Artlantis 3?

    I have been playing with the demo for about a week now, and have been able to make some pretty nice images - quickly!

    The only area that gives me pause is the conversion between the two. Artlantis doesn't seem to recognize classes within plug-in objects (like walls).

    So for those who use it, can you describe your methods (i.e. by texture, by colour, or by class).

    Many thanks.

  10. After SP1, I am now finding that there is a big lag in door editing, and wall additions and subtractions. With all components displayed, if I join walls in simple T situations, then clean the components up for the join with Component T, the entire drawing gets slow when anything changes related to walls (i.e. chaning a tag, stretching the door in the wall, joining a new wall).

  11. Everyone:

    I am not aware of any of these problems post-SP1. If you have specific examples, please e-mail me directly with the files and explanations, at cgraye@vectorworks.net.

    I will say this, however - when you are trying to "T-join" at an "L-join", the component joins of the L-join will be removed. This is by design. We are aware that joining components at these three-way intersections is a major wish, and we plan to address it in a future release. But for now, this is the expected behavior.

    I will email you a movie, which I sent to my local support. It shows that after walls are joined and cleaned up, when the interior wall is stretched or altered the join comes apart. This happens every time, in brand new file. It didn't happen in 2009, and I am sure it is not behaviour that you want.

    ** please refer to the image I posted on page 1 - this shows the unravelled joint **

  12. Tech support has ignored me. They have referred me to the place where I purchased the software - which I don't understand since they wanted the files before.

    I am going to continue to bump this thread until I get some response, from someone, anyone. Service Pack 1 did NOT fix the issue, as they claim.

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