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  1. Hi Pat, I actually used the copy and paste function within VW not typed it in manually, and infact in the UK version it is spelt correctly............ Gary
  2. Hi Archoncad, I have managed to create the worksheet but I can not get the paste function to work. I select a field and paste " =Xcentre()" but I do not know which criteria to use to display the required x or y co-ordinate Gary
  3. Gunther, I did state that this happened when I opened a file. I am not dragging and dropping a file. It only occurs when I close all open files including "untitled 1" and then go to open another file. Gary
  4. I have just discovered that if I open VW2008 and open a current VW file and then close this file and the file "untitled 1" to give me a clear workspace, when I open another VW file, either the original file I just closed or an other file, VW opens this file and displays the drawing for a second and then displays the last view of the "untitled 1" file and I am unable to work on the file I had opened although the title bar says I am working on the file I had just opened and not "untitled 1" as displayed. The only way I can get VW to respond correctly is to shut it down and re-start it. VW works fine as long as "untitled 1" is left open in the background. Can anyone confirm if they can duplicate this problem or is it specific to my setup?
  5. Ian, Do you mean how do you get VW to display a 3d representation of the plants? If so then once you have defined your plant place it on the plan and then select it and double click. When the edit plant window opens select 3d graphics. Make sure you have added the xfrog ip photorealistic resource to your favorites and then click and drag this into the 3d view. Now exit plant and then once you select open gl rendering and flyover tool, all will be revealed. Good Luck
  6. Hi, wondered if you can help. I am creating a planting plan for the client and landscaper and want the 2D plant symbols to represent the size of the plants from the growers so as to enable easy placing of plants on site, but I want to be able to produce a 3D representation of the garden showing the plants at their mature sizes. When I set the spread and height of the plants then VW scales the 2D and 3D symbols to suit. I need the 3D symbols to be larger than the 2D symbols. Any ideas?
  7. I have a drawing in which I have placed many Stake Objects, each has an x,y and z co-ordinate. I want to create a worksheet to contain this information as well as the Stake Object ID to produce a Setting Out Database to be used on site. Can anyone help?
  8. Donna, Unfortunately docking the OIP does stop the title bars flashing and speeds up changes in object selection but I use two screens and have the pallets on one screen and the worksheet on the other to maximise the visible worksheet. Also even after docking the OIP the program takes a long while to respond when carrying out different operations and does not seem to be specific to one or a range of operations. As people expressed earlier, the processor usage shoots up to 50% for the two processors (eg 100% for the one being used by VW) and stays there for anything up to 60mins until the program releases again. Windows Task Manager shows a commit charge of 665M/4963M 55 processes and 1196464K available out of 2095500K of physical memory. It also shows VW using 61% CPU and 199224K of mem. Could you please help? I do not think that the system is low on memory but I feel VW is not making best use of what is available. Many Thanks
  9. Katie, Can you tell me if NNA sorted this problem out with the SP2 release? I have the latest version running on a windows XP SP2 machine with pentium D 3.4Ghz 2GB mem, 640Gb HDD 7600GS card with latest driver and a page file of 6Gb. The OIP refresh after selecting an object freezes the program with CPU usage for one core at 100% but I am only getting a commit Charge of 806M/4963M. VW2008 is using 254,088K and the physical memory usage is Total 2095500K, available 1092880, System Cache 1236939K


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