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  1. Thank you for the quick response Michael!! That was a great help. Just what I needed. Have a great day!! Mark Ellis
  2. Hello all, I'm returning to Vectorworks 2008; only having used the software briefly for 2D when it was MiniCAD. Could someone please tell me how to draw a vertical truss? I searched the forum before posting but did not find anything on this. I'm sure it is something simple. Thank you in advance, Mark Ellis
  3. Hi all, I am back to Lighting Design after a long break as a Camera Op. I previously used MiniCad many versions ago. I just started with my copy of Spotlight 2008. I'm having to start from the basics all over again, but I am enjoying learning new things. This is my current challenge: I would like to have different text and symbols in each Key and switch between them according to the drawing, without saving a completely different version. i.e. Only Motor points and truss info on the rigging plot, Instruments and Truss on the lighting plot..... I think you get the picture. What is the best way to go about this? So far I have everything in my Title Block Class and have to rearrange and save a copy for each version I send. That creates problems keeping all plots current. I read Landru Design's post about "purpose overlap" between Classes and Layers and feel like I'm already having overlap, so in an effort to not add yet another overlap, I'd love to hear your suggestions. How do you guys/girls address this? Thank you in advance, Mark aka Elvis
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