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  1. We can but live in hope, but time is finite. I'll post about the crappy door tool separately!
  2. I've tried various settings of the sill, you can get it to extend correctly as yours shows in the wall but if you pull it out then it all goes to pot no matter what you do. It's almost as if there is some association between the sill and the wall. Can we get this looked at as a priority please because after so many pricey upgrades to have something so basic still not working is not good?
  3. Hmm, odd.The sill appears on the brick side same but if you pull it out of the wall the sill flips, the Settings screenshot also shows this.
  4. The sill is not quite right on that Wes as the lip appears to be on the opposite side of the opening casements. Could it be the case that US windows open into the building?
  5. I've tried using a wall style from Vectorworks Wes but the result is the same- the sill is floating in mid air. Would you post your sill settings please?
  6. See attached Wes, as you can see the window elevations are not correct either. Is there a good tutorial on windows and doors and setting up a basic building shell? windows.vwx
  7. I'm in VW2019, I've modelled a nice window but can't get the sill to sit underneath it. I've even taken the settings off a window with a perfect sill but it doesn't work on teh new window as the sill is offset to one side. I tried modifying a copy of the good window but then the glazing bars don't show up. I've tried restarting Vectorworks but it doesn't help. Does anyone know what is going on here?
  8. I run Vectorworks 2016 and it's fine. My Macbook Pro was stuck on Sierra, I wanted to upgrade it but it was listed in this forum that any MacOS higher than that won't support VW2016. For that reason I purchased the VW2019 upgrade this week then upgrades to Mojave 10.14.4. Upgrading VW together with a necessary purchase of £690 (+ VAT) VSS wasn't cheap. I'm finding so far that Mojave does support VW2016. Has anyone else tried it and found that it works ok? If it's not fully supported does anyone know why not exactly? If it works ok then I could upgrade the other Macs that run VW2016 to Mojave but I would like to be sure first hence the questions. Thanks.
  9. Hmm, it doesn't really do it though particularly if you need to show multi leaf bifods with 3D open doors
  10. pre apps for house extensions is largely an unporoductive and time wasting exercise so we rarely do it, we prefer to use our experience to advise clients what we think would be acceptable and then negotiate with the plkanners later if necessary
  11. Well as someone who specialises in house extensions, 50% of our jobs involve opening up the back wall of the house then adding a large ground floor extension with bifold doors bedtween 2.5m and 5.5m wide, it's embarrasing to have to tell people that VW only allows for two or four leafs. We could draw them manually but it's a faff and doesn't feel right. I've been asking Vectorworks about this for many years along with others (wishlist) but it seems to fall on deaf ears unfortunately I'll probably be packed up before it happens!
  12. Cool, you are right, I'll try experimenting! Out of interest does 2019 have a custom folding door tool? (sorry I am taking advantage of your original roof question)
  13. No I don't think it does. The render option is Realistic Exterior Fast so not the same as yours.
  14. Hey that's great so thank you, I know that Tamsin is an expert so that must have helped a lot. I use VW2016 and may try the relevant render settings. I can't really help with your roof question, I've tended to stay away from modelling complex roofs party due to the 2016 limitations and also the time involved which for most jobs isn't economic. Thanks again Andrew
  15. A nice visual. What VW version are you using & what render settings please?
  16. I'm placing Keynotes in VW 2016 but the list is not appearing. Is this a bug does anyone know? cheers
  17. Hi all, a quick question; one three of our Macs respond to double clicking the opacity % in the Attributes pallete but on one we can only use the slider or enter a value. I think the control to be able to doublke click the % figure must be in Edit Workspace somewhere but I can't see it. cheers.
  18. Hi Christiaan, Is it the case then that Vectorworks 2019 still does not have a custom bifold door tool then? What about the stair tool, is that any better? We still use the simple stair tool because it's simple but it needs more functionally.
  19. Construction detailing is something else, we always draw building in 2D purely for clarity and depth of detailing, you may be searching for something that isn't there.
  20. Vector Works was developed as Minicad in the 80s from Clariscad I believe, I think it's alway been basically a building design programme, certainly since it became Vectorworks and it's been developed ever since in that way, although with branch outs into landscape, lighting etc. To be fair I think it would be asking a bit much to expect it to be a solids modelling programme in the way that Form Z or 3D Studio max is. It's more a case of horses for courses or tools to suit the job in hand really.
  21. re moving the mouse across the screen: well I use a 27" imAc and have not had any problem, thsi is probably because you can speed up the tracking, speed which upi can fine tun, to go from one side of the drawing working are is around 30mm mouse movement at the most, usually though the working area is around the centre of the screen. I have heard that tablets are a 'must' for graphics and drawing, however before spending big money on one for CAD I would suggest trying the M500 as it's a cheap and very effecticve tool.
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