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  1. Hmm, I'm not sure that's what I need for accurate measured surveys although it has some interesting features. I really want to be able to draw simple lines on screen from measurements taken manually from a Disto, it looks like Nomad somehow takes estimated measurements so not quite accurate enough for measured surveys.
  2. Thanks Kevin, Is that another programme that we would need to buy?
  3. I’ve just bought an iPad Pro for measured surveys and wondering if it will run Vectorworks?
  4. Thanks, I'm not so worried about any type of direct Vectorworks or Bluetooth connection, it's more a simple plan drawing app that I can use by taking manual measurements with a Disto then drawing on the iPad with a pen.
  5. Is anyone using an iPad Pro for measured surveys and if so which App do you recommend? I don't need a Bluetooth connection I just want to be able to measure rooms and elevations and save them as PDFs.
  6. Thanks Pat, I was missing the 3D option at the top, all sorted now!
  7. The bolts and fastenings in VW2016 seem to be 2D and there are not any bolts in Machine Components. Are there any 3D bolts available?
  8. Does anyone know if you can make the plaster wrap around the end of a stud wall as in the attached screenshot? VWA 2016, cheers
  9. Set up your own our workspace and select whichever line type you want as the defaults one.
  10. I've been having a problem with VWD on Mac OSX, it opens fine in Sierra but the Basic tool palette is just grey. Ive just installed the latest SP5 but it' has not made any difference.
  11. Don’t read too much into signatures as many people have more than one Mac, we have four and on different OSX versions
  12. Has anyone else had problems trying to run VW2019 on El Capitan?
  13. No you cant do it, only corner windows. The door tool has been out of date for years and years but Vectorworks keep taking our hard earned cash for new releases, it's a scandal so everybody please bang on about it!
  14. It would be really useful to have the same facility for greying out sheet layers as we have for design layers, as it would greatly help aligning views when pasting viewports in place. Eg if you have several levels of a buildings, the floor plans would remain in register after publishing a multi page PDF so making viewing and toggling between floor plans more convenient.
  15. The call out edit text box is too small to read easily, it needs to be bigger, surely a simple enough thing to do?
  16. An email just came through about a presentation session for VW2020 on 1st October in London. I'm not really a betting person but I would put ££s on there not being any worthwhile improvements to teh stair, door or window tools!
  17. That's good to hear. Are you able to update us on when the door, window and stair tools will be improved eg SP5?!
  18. Yes, for example pleeeeese improve the much moaned about stair tool, window tool, and folding doors tools!
  19. they are undocked and I'm on SP3 but about to update to SP2.4
  20. Yes I was/am in a similar position, I was running VW2016 on Sierra on my Macbook Pro Retina and kept getting update reminders to upgrade to Mojave. I took advantage of a recent VW offer to upgrade to 2019 + VSS and some other software struggles, I regret spending out the money on 2019 now as things like the door tool, window tool and stair tool have not been improved, I also find the text tool to be hopelessly 'laggy' and have problems with the file path when publishing. I have 3 other Macs running VW2016 on Sierra and initially thought that I would maybe be able to use though 2016 on the MBP but it doesn't. It's a pain as anything that I do in VW2019 on the MBP must be saved as a 2016 file in order to share it with the other Macs on the network. I may well go back to Sierra.
  21. Hi Paulo, Do you know if there is a configuration option for- AMD Radeon R9 M370X 2 GB/Intel Iris Pro 1536 MB? Thanks
  22. It's really frustrating now with the time delay in entering text, I want to move back to VW2016.
  23. I've known about Windoor for years it looks amazing, I just don't know why Vectorworks don't include this functionality even after all this time. C'mon now Nemetschek please sort it out.
  24. I recently upgraded to VWD 2019 and am experiencing problems entering text. For example when publishing I get prompted to enter a file name, the input box then sort of freezes for a few seconds before I can enter any text, after that the box prompts to enter a location for the PDFs created, again the same thing happens. This evening I was really frustrated when trying to enter text on the design layer as there is an awful lag between pressing the keyboard character key and it appearing on screen, once or twice the character entered disappeared. Has anyone else experienced this?
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