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  1. I'm new to VW2008 and find that i can't pan when holding down the mouse wheel. Could it be because I'm running Mac OSX 10.4.11? AJ
  2. I just downloaded the demo but the files are for earlier versions of VW and won't open, it looks handy though! AJ
  3. I just tried that and entered 2 for the exterior and interior wall components but it didn't show up any wall return options. I'm in VW2008. Maybe that makes a difference?? AJ
  4. Is it possible to have sidelights each side of French doors that are only half height. There doesn't seem to be an edit option for the height of sidelights so it looks as if you can't doit and the only way around it is to have normal french doors and then put the correct size windows alongside them. Is this right? AJ
  5. How do you insert wall returns after inserting window and door plug in? I have looked in VW help and it is quite possible but it doesn't really explain how to do it. AJ
  6. in VW2008 my symbols only show as a list in the resource browser. How can I make them appear as a list?
  7. There are some reall y good refs there. What I would really like to do is learn how to make those type of hatches. The only experience I have is editing straight line type hatches whereas the stone ones are all curvy.
  8. Anybody know where I can find UK symbols eg domestic elecs and other house type stuff such as doors, furniture, bathroom fittings? Also I need to show a random stone pattern on elevations but don't know whether there is a hatch available or whether it would be a pattern. Incidentally how do you modify/create patterns in VW11?
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