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  1. 99% of worksheets is the same. A few things have moved as Pat mentions. What did you used to do? Maybe we can help you find where it moved to. I find it best to have saved worksheets in my resources, in fact I have a file that is just those. It avoids having to set up new stuff from scratch.
  2. I've done surfaces. Loft some Curves and you can get a nice dished shape. Extrude to make a 3D if needed. Roofs make good sloped floors and ramps.
  3. Each folder is for a specific type of resources. If you just click on New Folder you get one for Gradients and it can't take symbols or other types. I learned that the hard way Drag and drop works fine for me, once I have the right folders.
  4. I had a chat with tech support on Friday. They are sending it engineering for review and I should hear from them soon. They've already confirmed another bug.
  5. In worksheets, scripting and marionette we can get access to many internal data records. Anything in the OIP, and most anything else should be able to be linked to text in a symbol. Or even text randomly placed on a layer. (Sure the specific object name, record and field must be called out.) CAD is one giant database. Let us display the text!
  6. Problem solved! (I've been working around the issue for a while rather than calling tech support.) It was permissions on the related files. C:\Program Files\Vectorworks 2018\Plug-Ins needed to have full control for all users.
  7. Problem: Containers are not respecting their classes and 2D stuff inside lighting fixtures is rotating oddly. Details: In the source file everything looks fine and works well. The attached clips are of a rotated light on a vertical pipe position. No funny stuff yet to do the booms laid out. See the first 2 images. My work was done on top of a rotated base. I'm just trying to make things easier for the ACAD tech to import the theatrical stuff back into their background files. To export this I referenced this file into a non-rotated file from the architect, which required rotating the viewport. And I got the 3rd image. Legend classes are all off. The text in the fixture symbol is aligned center-center, not that it should matter. Setting the text rotate option just spins the text inside the circle. I triple checked the container objects, label legends, class settings, etc. I tried this in both 2017 SP4 & 2018 SP1. Same stupidness. Any ideas?
  8. I completely agree! I often have to trade files with Architects and Engineers and I have it easy only dealing with USA firms. Absolutely nothing about the current class structure complies with typical AIA standards. When you can herd those cats into a neat standard I'll come along.
  9. Best to do the sorting in the report. (I strongly recommend the interactive report/worksheets in the library over the "Generate Reports" command.) Worksheets can be sorted by a column value or alpha. I usually sort by position name, but sometimes by X or Y since I always draw with 0,0 at plaster-line center lots of raw position information translates to stage positions. Put =Ycoordinate() in a database column and it should show the insertion point value. Sort by that and you have an Upstage/Downstage or L/R order. You can also set that column to 0 width so you don't see it on the page. You can also sort by multiple columns so booms with the same X can be sorted L/R with their Y coordinate. Clear as mud? Worksheets can get really complex so feel free to ask for specifics.
  10. In Preferences, Session tab, there is an option; "Check for updates" Set it to never!
  11. Works fine for me. I drew the position from a line and an extrusion, all from scratch in a blank file, just to be sure. 2018 hanging testing.vwx
  12. Are you getting the position name in the fixture OIP? I find it all too easy to not quite get the fixture to associate. Sometimes I'm just moving too quickly, or too quickly for the software and miss the position.
  13. RickR

    3ds Files

    "Because that's what you have." I have mostly exported them, to specialty software. Importing symbol stuff comes to mind; furniture, fixtures, musical instruments... One project I did import an entire building (small) as that was before VW imported Sketchup files. 3DS files contain much better rendering information than DWG.
  14. Isn't this what the Door ID tag is for? I did play with your file some. I could easily get the total width and height of the symbols right along side the door numbers, but I couldn't associate the door's internal values without having both the symbol and the door show up in the worksheet. Twice as many objects! Of course I don't have Architect, just Spotlight.
  15. And while we're at it, how about editing in place, on the drawing, like virtually all other text! I can see a unifying tool to help manage many pages of multiple sizes, for different sets, through all the changes we do. But if you can't improve on a custom worksheet you need to go back to work.
  16. Your on the right track. Each instance of a symbol is unique and can have a unique field value. One can have several records in a symbol and in a worksheet. The database criteria selects the pool of objects to report on. Column headers can be from any record or PIO field those objects have. So placing a Door number with the Room number should be very possible. It might be a big spreadsheet!
  17. While all this is great for symbols, I can't help thinking it would be useful in other situations as well. Something more like X-ray mode, or the view behind functions to toggle "View Plan & 3D"
  18. My trick is to edit the 2D and Cut everything, go to the 3D parts, and Paste in Place. Make sure that all the 2D stuff is set to screen plane. That way, when closing the 3D edit it gets pushed back into 2D. We will still have to deal with filled objects obscuring stuff underneath. Top/Plan 'front/back' rules should let us control what we see.
  19. For those that get lost over at ETC https://www.etcconnect.com/Products/Consoles/Eos-Family/ETCnomad-ETCnomad-Puck/Software.aspx Mac and PC versions are different downloads, but the PC one does computers & consoles
  20. I've been wrestling with some poorly drawn symbols. I've developed a trick to see both the 2D and 3D portions simultaneously, for alignment purposes. It got me thinking that a temporary hybrid/hybrid view could be useful in other cases. Spotlight fixtures, truss, positions would benefit, and maybe even simple door/window/wall situations. So I propose a "Top AND Plan" view mode. All hybrid objects would show all of their components at once.
  21. 2.6.1 is out https://community.etcconnect.com/control_consoles/f/eos-family/23695/eos-2-6-1-software-is-released-and-available-for-download I recommend that VW/Vision staff, as a visualizer provider make direct contact with ETC. Anne Valentino would be an ideal person to contact.
  22. RickR

    Uneven lights

    I'm pretty sure all I did was delete a class, I don't recall what they were. My workflow and class structure is probably pretty rare in the live entertainment realm as I mostly consult with architects. So I use that type of structure to blend with theirs. Most of my stuff goes into T- classes. I don't really care why you developed it, I was happy with simplicity. Nor do I expect you to change it for my limited type of use. I do feel strongly that forcing any structure on users is a bad idea. Advice and suggestions are great but making me do extra work to match your concepts is wrong.
  23. RickR

    Uneven lights

    OK mostly sorted, still some strangeness here but I can move on. The funky dark circles are my fault. They are from an ETC ColorSource PAR without a texture on the lens parts. I deleted the lens class (I really hate all these extra classes) and they didn't pick up the default instrument texture. But since they only cover part of the face some light got through. I've worked around the uneven fixtures by deleting all but one and copying that across. A sledge hammer for what I think were corrupted fixtures, but it worked. What happened to them and why only some fixtures are rendering in image 2 above are still mysteries.
  24. RickR

    Uneven lights

    When I wrote the post there were 2 images! #1 shows the dark circle up center and the unevenness. #2 shows just some lights rendering in FastRenderworks.
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