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  1. >>sum weights by positions. Yet another basic usage one would think should be built in. Yes Excel & LW do this stuff in a heartbeat, but what's the point of integrated data if you always have to import/export?
  2. See thread http://techboard.vectorworks.net/ubbthreads/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=106449#Post106449 and many others trying get sums of data, not summations. Anyway, I want to total up lighting wattage. Blown dimmers are not fun. It might be as simple as changing the lighting device PIO to use a numeric format for wattage! Many other electrical calcs would be appreciated as well. I.e Voltage drop, Watts per area, Zonal cavity lighting, even pricing calcs can be handy while drawing.
  3. I appreciate the offer, but you nailed the issue. I'm using the "Lighting Device" and the feild is text and therefore un-addable. Perhaps I should abandon Spotlight features and just make a simple record and a simple worksheet. I'm still defining my workflow, and do a lot of different types of drawings so flexablilty is an issue. Can the PIO be tweaked? WHY make it text field? Dimmer and circuit, color and many other commonly numeric fields I can see being text. But wattage is a measurement as much as length or area. Overloading is something everyone in lighting has to worry about. How can this basic element be missing? What do you use to keep track of loads? I didn't see anything like this in AutoPlot. I see a lot of references to 'LightWright', but I'm doing more architectural work than theatrical, so that would be overkill. BTW: I just pointed a collegue to your chain hoist tools. He was asking me about making something, and I knew I couldn't do it right. He loves it all, but is a little overwhelmed, as he is a CAD novice... He tried to use it without reading the instructions! Hmm, a note on the wish list?
  4. Added details: If setup the worksheet in the image. Then what happens when the fixtures on a dimmer aren't all the same? I need to keep this in VW so it all updates as I go. I could do this in 10 minutes in Excel. I would think totaling up materials would be built in, and simple.
  5. How about combining the issues? Make a PDF of the DWG/DWF/DXF/whatever using ACAD tools for authenticity. Then reference the snapable PDF. As a consultant I would much prefer to supply PDFs in the first place.
  6. Yes there is so much on None/0 that you can't turn it off. For starters the contents of most symbols are there. This is why you don't put regular stuff on it, so it doesn't get confused with the "internals." Take some DWGs and turn off "0" and see what happens. The bigger and more complex the project the more "0" matters.
  7. Yes! Scale should be a property of all symbols, like x,y,& z. If you don't like it don't mess with it. I'm still flabergasted that they don't scale. So much that I'll add an idea from other hybrid CAD. Scale 2D & 3D separately. I use this for lighting fixture symbols. A 4" opening recessed light in 1/8" scale is too tiny. Answer is to have the 2D symbol scale with the page scale(added twist) so that when you print the one room detail at 1/2" scale the fixtures look reasonable. There are many other items that use symbols (often with text that must scale,) that bear no relation to the 3D elements. This is the strength of VW, please use it to it's logical extent. The overriding goal of CAD is to never draw the same thing twice. Scale is integral to the fundamental concept of drafting. Parametrics are the road to true BIM. A parameter of "scale" is nesessary.
  8. I'm having a similar problem: http://techboard.vectorworks.net/ubbthreads/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=106449#Post106449 Summing values rather than sumarizing lists seems to be an issue. One workaround I found (if all items have the same value) is to multiply that value by the count of items. Although some folks complain of values adding when summarizing (window widths etc.) That's what I want but can't make it happen.
  9. Also it matches Autocad standards, especially useful if you import/export a lot.
  10. I've been all over the board and help files... I want to add up the wattage on each dimmer. Simple, clean and normal. Not however listing every fixture on the job. Somebody must have done this by now!
  11. Several workarounds come to mind, at least for future development. Extra lines between individual notes. Internal font/paragraph control, I haven't tried it but: Sub-notes could substitute for paragraph breaks? A blank note as a line break? Any other ideas?
  12. I agree! I've had to go to the extent of checking my DWG's (incoming and outgoing) with Autodesk's viewer tool. (free!) So far that is the only way to know if the translations are OK.
  13. Thanks both! Somewhere in there I can get it done.
  14. Similar to my fonts posting, I am trying to exactly match and ACAD drawing. My client sent a .ctb file that sets line weights and so forth. The problem is she doesn't even know what all it does. Can someone take a look at it? I've attached it with an extra .txt extension. Thanks!
  15. RickR

    Font matching

    Thanks, I've gotten a list of the fonts from my newest client. Most are OK. But two don't even Google Has anyone seen x-hlvl1s.ttf or x-hlvm1s.ttf ?
  16. If you are printing in "grayscale" then the color can affect the apparent weight. If the line is 85% gray then it will look thinner. Low resolution printers do this more noticably.
  17. I need to import architects title blocks exactly. The question is what is the closest font for the various ACAD SHX files they used? Does anyone have a listing of commonly used ACAD fonts and TTF matches? Is there a way to get SHX files as Windows fonts? Does someone make TTF files from SHX? Most of the time the drawing text doesn't really matter. But this is different. They get very particular with their own name and logo.
  18. I believe there are some PDF-> DWG tools out on the net. Try: http://www.freecadapps.com/swcategory.php?page=category&value=UTL-CVS&orgvalue=UTL Then you can DWG in. Caution, converting 2D to 3D is time consuming! Good luck
  19. AC has an OK one for Win (free). If you use an emulator then it should be fine. I find real, AC compatability is rare. RickR
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